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Re: stimulants and social anxiety

Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 19, 2020, at 1:07:54

In reply to Re: stimulants and social anxiety, posted by linkadge on March 11, 2020, at 16:19:18

adderall makes you more chatty, and hyper, but also more on edge, and the wear off period is terrible, you feel washout and irrtible, irrtible while talking to people. When you feel it starting to leave the system, its not pleasant. Dexedrine is not as bad, in someway is better, it doenst make as hyper as adderall, but it has strong psychoactive effects, its pure d-amphetamine, not levoamphetamine which makes more sweatier and nervous. Vyvanse....i have to say is the worst, yes it will help you stay on task, yes and talk and get things done.... but vyvan'se wear off period is worst out of all of them. It slowly wears off and you have to through this grueling period of fatige and depression. I hated it.

I'm not .. about to say but, desoxyn you would think would be more potent, and stimulating. But i've read that actually desoxyn work totally diffrent than the other traditional stimulants. It works on serotonin also, at moderate doses, and i have read people saying there social anxiety went away completely, and they said it didnt have the end of the world wear off period that traditionl amphetamines do. But desxoyhn ... is methamphetamine, but in the dosing it is used, not the street form. M-amphetamine works on serotonin, and also dopamine. Traditial stimulants don't work on serotonin. But there is no doctor that will ever considered doing desoxyn, but what i have that people have said it has entirely diffrent effect than the ohter stimmulants, many times about improvement on social skills. It's due to serogentic properties of methamphetamine, and it in a controlled form, such as dosing, the street stuff is crazy i don't know goes up to like 150mg. Screws people up, totally. I just had to say that, i know that's .... sounds nonsense, but you would think it would be opposite. But desoxyn is totally different in effects, compared to traditional stimulants.

But let's get real, mainly dexedrine i think would be the best, and using it for doing work during day and not just popping them when going to socials and parties. Adderall makes you hyped up, almost fueled up, because of levoamphetamine.

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-Shannon L Alder




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