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Re: low dopamine linked to addiction

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 1, 2019, at 2:28:47

In reply to Re: low dopamine linked to addiction rjlockhart37, posted by jay2112 on November 30, 2019, at 13:58:16

we'll.....this is how addiction spectrum for a person has, they are absolutely obessed with having to have it, they will stop all daily activies to get the substnace they need. When it gets to a point where it isnt being used treat an illness, and being used as habing to have it, drug addicts usally ask for things they want, some of them need them, and some of them don't. THey just want the substance for non medical purposes to get high.

But your right, there is kinda propaganda in some systems or addiction clinics of saying it will kill you if you take it, it's propagada to brainwash people to not do it. Abstennce, medical purposes are what meds need to treat an illness, and sadly they depend on it too much, that it's taken away from them and there sent to rehab. Listen, when i was sent to rehab, it was not helpful, it was grueling and i did everything their programs said to do, but think there not effective in some cases. You go by substance dependence therapy. If you see the picture of all of it, you will see that these people are trying to get addicts off drug, for good. Yes, that is the main purpose, but it does stop them from doing them again. I don't whatever brainwash program they do to you in rehab, they label you drug seeking behavior, and have kinda of these names and mind tricks for addict behavior to patronize you

But when like a medical case where there low dopamine, envolved, use of a stimulant could be used, but when that option is abused, saying taking another dose again to avoid the dysphoria or the crash, terrible unpleasant feeling when stimulant wears off. It's tempting to take another dose, to prevent it from happening.

But basically, if someone does not take the label writing on the prescription as it is directed, it's drug abuse. Once you realize you've done that, that is drug abuse, but in someways doctors can work with the dose to make it less, and effective. When someone gets strung out and just ... abuses the hell out of all their meds, that needs rehab, and hospitalization. And i think that's one tactic they use to prevent someone from getting strung out. But the same irony is applied when that person requires or medically has a condition that is needed for a certain drugs.

A Lot of people i was in with rehab were miserable, i know how it works. I've seen people in rehab miserable becausr they had benzodiapines taken away, and we're given meds that we're considered non addictive. It in way can lower a person's quality og life, but it depends on the situation.

anyways.....i think in case where someone abuses a drug just for the feeling of it, they have to apply a system or total abstinence, and it can last a long time then relapse. That's why i think sometimes there's a lack of dopamine or whatever chemical that is required to make them feel normal.

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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