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Re: David Byrne

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:57:28

In reply to Re: David Byrne, posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 12:50:01

the ncea history exam had some passage in it. apparently it was a poem from this guy.

apparently they picked it because it was poetry from someone who had spent some time in a mental institution.

(we like that, in new zealand, to say that you must be institutionalised / kept locked up in a mental institution if you are an artist. like that's a fitting fate for anyone who wants to be an artist. kind of saying that anyone who wants to produce art or something like that needs to accept that the government will ensure that you are kept sufficiently poor and thrown in mental facilities. sort of ensuring that people don't really do much in the way of art -- unless the government sanctions it, of course. like all the oppressive art that is scattered that makes people feel hopeless when they look at it).

so anyway apparently the chinese community say that this guy shot a ch*n*m*n because he was a racist (spouted political ideology about white supremacy) and didn't feel sufficiently listened to. so he killed a ch*n*m*n because... well because he could. then the lawyer got him a mental institution sentance because they pled insanity. and he wrote lots of things... and he escaped periodically and wrote a lot of racist stuff.

so the national examination history people teach him in the context of insane poet. like janet frame. that idea. they don't teach that he was a racist or that he shot a ch*n*m*n just because he could (he said it was to gain noteriety) or that he would 'escape' periodically and spew his racist ideology.


and that's the thing, really.

the mentality.

of teh guy who achieved noteriety -- as planned.

and of the people selected to write the examinations for national examinations in history. their knowledge of history.

were they ignorant / stupid? often that is the case in new zealand wehre teh positions are only given to the grossly incompetent. could be true.

likely they had some idea and thought 'hahahahahhahahahhahahhaha if you don't like it then what are you going to do about it'?


just these awful people.




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