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carrying capacity exceeded ~~ crash

Posted by alexandra_k on December 20, 2020, at 22:09:17

i think that's likely what happened. we exceeded carrying capacity long ago and something... qualitative. a major transition. a major jump. an... event. was imminant. was for quite some time. was predictable. was inevitable given how so many tied their fates to / chose to invest in that trajectory.

the population increased and increased and increased... and more people are dying. more deaths each year. even though people are living longer there is more people about and some of those people die.

i don't know how much coronavirus is killing people. i think the exponential increase in population growth culminated in a considerable or significant jump in the deaths this year.

i think that's what happened.

the bodies were piling up. *are* piling up. more deaths than an incremental increase on last year. sure. i understand and believe that.

even when we take into account deaths resulting from immobilising people and keeping them on ventillators which weakens them, rather, so they die when they are being weaned off... so we've learned to be less agressive with ventillation interventions. and apparently the death rate has come down now that we aren't... uh... killing people. with... uh... such agressive interventions.

it is a bit hard to tell what is really going on.

so many things come into play. so many different factors.

i am not denying that wearing a face mask helps curb the spread of disease. regular flu and coronavirus and lots of other things too. i am not denying that washing your hands is a good idea. i am not denying that keeping away from overcrowded environments is a good idea. from a spread of disease / contaigon public health point of view. i am not denying the existence of Covid...

any more than i am denying the existence of mental disorder or disease in saying that a lot of that is political.

is now.

or is these days.

was it in the early days of Babble? Maybe it was... Maybe it always was... but I think it was a bit less. or the political forces were a little less important or significant or considerable or something. i guess because of the higher education and wealth etc levels of the early posters, here. If their mental health issues were due to political factors or reasons they were a bit different from many of the mainstream ones these days.

hard not to feel depressed living in a cold mouldy damp home etc.

i'm thinking... i don't remember the theorists name... there was a psychoanalytic or dynamic person who was big on people being repressed because they felt they had the part of them they showed to the world. had to put on a happy smiley face. and then a false or double consciousness with differnt things going on inside. that didn't speak to me at the time. it speaks to me more now.

the issue of 'how could the Nazi officials go to work and exterminate people like they were fruitflies? -- and then go home and play with their kids...' how could people commit such hateful atrocities during their day-job and then be warm and regular and decent human beings outside of work. or sunday christians with torture chambers conceiled in their basements. and so on...

i don't know. i did my best to split or create compartments. thinking i might fit in a little better. it wasn't about morality so much as it was about... appropriateness. at university i was upstanding. i kept drugs away from anything to do with my teaching or my work. differnt contacts. differnt worlds. parallel parts of my life. babble. i kept that distinct, too. of course there was leakage. the university people would have had access to my internet history -- but we never talked of it. and so on...

but i never really got the hang of it...

i guess i thought that the monsters might be humane at home -- sort of. but not really. there would be leakage. just a little too much force when playing with the kids. just to let them know that it was only by the grace of god they didn't murder them in their sleep like they murdered other people....

i don't know.

i never properly appreciated that New Zealand never did (as in still hasn't) come to terms with the outcome of the Cartwright inquiry. NZ doesn't accept that people have the right not to be subject to medical experimentation against or without their consent. The Medical practitioners and council of NZ doesn't accept that their own practitioners can't do just whatever they want.

They still don't accept that the stats that were kept and the conclusions that were stated ('I"m not watching these women die without doing the normal or standard interventions that the developed world all over accepts as the normal standard interventions'') were rubbish. were not justified from the stats.

He refused to treat them. He withheld treatment. He watched them die. He said they weren't dying at a higher rate. He was wrong. He was watching them die.

The New Zealand ethics people and the science people have this idea or feeling or they simply will say that what he did may have been unethical -- but was justified for the greater good. we learned things from his experiments that we wouldn't have learned otherwise.

B*llsh*t. We know what happens when you don't treat people for their sickness. Some of them do recover.. And many of them go on to die.

There's stupid.

There's none so blind as those who will not see.

There's people with eyes poked out.

We didn't learn anything from his trials -- except what a morally depraved and corrupt person he was. And the ethicists and scientists in NZ expose themselves as people who don't have a rudimentary understanding of either ethics or of science.

And now we watch maaori and pacific people get rheumatic fever because we refuse to give them the most basic of anti-biotics (telling ourselves that they won't take them anyway or telling ourselves that it's justified in the fight against antibiotic resistence)...

and we keep children in mouldy cold houses so we can measure how many years we can take off their lives by denying them WHO standards of healthy housing. they're in teh control group. no heating. no humidity control. no antibiotics. no treatment.

we just like to watch them die.

f*ck*ng psychopaths.

let them take all the first lot of vaccines.

you nkow who's going to grabbity grabbity grab them.

i'm sure they made them just for them.

it would be only fitting that they would.

it's nothing they wouldn't do if they thought of it first / if they had the power to do that.

right behind you.

yeah right.




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