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Re: face masks and communication

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2020, at 2:33:09

In reply to because the wealthy are not immune, posted by alexandra_k on August 17, 2020, at 19:57:14

watching someone speak with a facemask is like participating in one of those cognitive psychology... things... not quite experiments... demonstrations. demostrations about the limits of our processing capacity.

like how there ones on where you fix your focus point by staring at a fixed spot and then you move your finger about until the tip is in your blind spot. and it exposes that you have a blind spot. that there is a region in your visual field where you can't see anything. but also, strangely, from a phenomenological point of view or perspective, the region appears phenomenologically to be filled in, somehow. it doesn't appear like a black hole or even like a white fog. it doesn't appear like a blurr... it doesn't appear like anything at all... only it isn't apparent. it's a hole. a gap in the visual field.

when someone speaks with a face mask on so you can't see their lips move it's hard to hear what they are saying. it's hard to... see... what they are saying... especially politicians. where what they are saying is charismatic emotional stuffs that is masked by a mask. it is strange...

i haven't seen sign interpreters wearing masks signing for people speaking who are wearing masks.

of course audio content only works fine... so there's no trouble with speech sounds processing.

but there is something about seeing a masked face that is distruptive to processing auditory content. yeah...

i suspect it is one of those things where we don't notice redundancies in speech -- but have a hard time processing speech that doesn't contain many redundancies. i suspect it is something like that.

the deaf community are concerned about masks. because of how much they rely on lip reading i guess. it's concerning because most people become hard of hearing during the course of their life. and they don't get hearing aids etc because of vanity and hearing aids are an aid, anyway, and not a fix. but people rely on lip reading more than they'd like to admit. and a masked face is a problem.

shame we werent' all taught sign language routinely as a matter of course while growing up. to help our brains become more resilent etc.




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