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lack of access to justice

Posted by alexandra_k on July 19, 2020, at 14:48:42

so i'm used to hearing about 'lack of access to justice' as something that we are to be mindful of and doing our best to reverse it or mitigate it.

but now i'm not so sure.

the judge said he stayed it and i need to do the statement of claim again.

he said i didn't state the legal basis.

and i don't suppose i did. i said the education act. but i didn't say specifically.

the education act says that domestic studnets who have attained the age of 20 years are entitled to be enrolled in the programme they selected.

the education act says that when a student has not attained the age of 20 years then the council sets 'minimum requirements' to satisfy the council they are capable of studying the program.

when the uni said i needed to do this and that (spend many many years throwing much money into further university study in nz) they were wrong. because i am an adult.

the judge said i didn't state the claim. so there wasn't anything to answer to. i guess the claim is that they violated the education act in denying my application on grounds of ineligibility. they had no legal basis to declare me ineligible.

the judge said i didn't say what relief.

i guess they shuld pay my student loan bill for those years of wild goose chase study they sent me off on, at the very least.

the rules of the court say that i don't have to say the general remedy. the judge can make decisions about that. but i suppose that might be more about inquiries or something. i don't know. i think judges in nz are very limited in what they do, there. i was reading some judgement and the judge granted the relief that was asked for and the judge said the person should have asked for more releief -- but the judge did not grant the amount of relief that the judge thought was fair.

and i missed a paragraph number that upset everybody.


but the filings are also required to have law firm stamp on every single page if it's filed by a firm.

so i guess that's an easy way of ensuring peple don't have access to justice. informally unofficially basiclly just refusing to accept filings unless it has a law firm stamp.

the judge can stay the case indefinately -- right?

say 'incopmlete' -- right?





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