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Tubby girl

Posted by alexandra_k on May 25, 2020, at 22:54:05

Tubby girl, is tubby. Just saying.

I got tubby over the lock-down. Maybe I was starting to get tubby prior (I was) but I am definately tubby now.

Part of it is that I *enjoyed* hanging about in gyms. I know, it's terrible. But I *enjoyed* spending an hour going hard on the elliptical. I *enjoyed* faffing about for 2 hours doing dinky rehab stuff and foam rolling and mobility drills. Playing. I *enjoyed* it. I *enjoyed* doing squats and stuff... Not really to a program. Not really seeking progress. Just *doing stuff* *because I could*. Or, if I couldn't. If it didn't feel right. Figuring out what I needed to do so that I could do the stuff again.

I *enjoyed* playing about with cartwheels and handstands. Doing the same old over and over with handstands. Not really getting any better at them. Not really trying to. Just... Playing about. It was fun for me. I liked it.

It was keeping me trimmer than I have become since I quit the gym.

But the gym was hard because of people wanting me to interact with them rather than letting me do my thing.

I liked the classes, too. Trying new things. Seeing what things other people had worked on and developed and become good at. Hearing the music they liked. It was fun.

I didn't like being all squashed up etc. But that stuff has changed, now.

I wish I could do Les Mills -- but it is really expensive. They do have the best group fitness classes. Because they tell the instructors to *stick to the script*. Just *stick to the script*. That's all. Don't try and be friendly. Don't try and be extra-helpful. Just *stick to the script*. So it meant I could go back to classes and not be bullied out of them / away for not wanting to stick to the script. The script let me focus on progressing the way you are supposed to if you stick to the script.

People like to mix up the releases. The tracks they like. But the whole thing was worked out for easier and harder tracks in the same release. So you defeat the purpose. I might look into Les Mills. I do really really really really really enjoy *going to the gym*. Damn it.

And cycling... I don't know... I guess it is very technical. I'm still learning how to work at it if that makes sense.

But tubby girl is tubby.

I have long limbs and wide hips and shoulders. It means I can pack quite a lot of fat around my middle without looking like I'm packing the fat that I am. But my Dad's side of the family are short little apples and I need to realise that I have inherited that fat distribution. My triceps -- from my mother. But my abdominal from my father, unfortunately. So, yeah. It is time to be partiuclarly mindful / conscious of that. Particularly as I decide that I'm likely not going to be burning the calories I used to at the gym. Tiem to be a lot more conscious of what I shove into my face.





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