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Re: don't study in new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on May 2, 2020, at 20:09:52

In reply to Re: don't study in new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on May 2, 2020, at 19:57:07

and it also is about picking people to do things that they don't necessarily want to do or that they aren't necessarily any good at.

they espeically like to encourage people to do things that they aren't so good at. that way it prevents someone better at it from doing it. that way the person who got to do it feels endebted to them. you can have them believe that they aren't any good at anything at all and they are lucky they got picked randomly to do the thing they are doing and they could be just let go whenever whenever because they know full well others would do a better job of it and they don't understand why they got picked to do it. but they are paid well to do it. so they keep their heads down. and be quiet. and keep their heads down.

and that's what you see all about the place in new zealand.

people paid to do things that they aren't any good at. people being forced to do things they don't wnat to do only.

it's not lack of organisation. it's not disorganisation.

there is more intent behind it. there are people choosing behind it. people who have the power to make the choices about who gets to do what and who is picked for various things. these people have been making very very bad choices that has been responsible for holding back the development of this country.

from flunking people out of university all together (that's what the thing was for me being flunkied out of population / public health). ran me out of town.

it was supposed to be a mechanism of social mobility. to find the odd kid that you find who has well developed verbal capacity from whatever background.. and they used it to run precisely those kids out and away from the university.

to better conceal the inabilities and incompetences of those paid to 'teach' or 'help' those othe rkids. the kids whose new start was in making sure nobody came through who displayed more ability or potential than them, in other words. their new start was preventing anybody else from having a new start in other words. they wanted to take the ones without much ability or much capacity and get them through championing them as the best of them so they could make snide remarks behind their backs in teh tearoom about how stupid all of their kids were.

that's the basic idea of it.

i wrote my thesis. the reports of examiners came back and the dean was reuired to get my work back to examiners for sign off within 10 weeks. and she refused.

they said i needed to re-enrol for 6 months and make additional payment of fees or i would never get the equalification.

i report this to the police and they say there's nothing wrong with that.

apparently we don't have any laws.

we don't have laws against extortion.


the dean is asking me to bribe the univesrity (hand over more money) or saying i won't get a degree. or.. more to the point actually.. implying that the university will only tell people that i failed to complete the degree in teh normal time.

in other words... the university will only tell people i completed the degree in the normal time if i agree to take longer to complete the degree.

see how the new zealadn qualifications are worthless??

there needs to be a way to get the students out.

i completed the regulations. so it's done. successfully completing a degree can mean nothing other than having copmleted the regulations.

i did that.

it's done.

unlike all those kids they gave medical degrees to who did not do work placement requirements. they likely only gave medical degrees to students who did not do work placemetn requirements.

they simply don't do any of the things they are supposed to do.

turnitin offered to process admissions.
to grade the work.

to process completions?

NZ doesn't seem willing / able to do this.

our kids are held as hostages or slaves.

there's nothing here.




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