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deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath

Posted by alexandra_k on April 30, 2020, at 0:26:00

I did come back here because I wanted to do Medicine and as a citizen of NZ only without a trust fund returning to NZ was the only way.

So I do want to join them. And there are terrific people in NZ. People who are really trying. People who are fabulously intelligent. Etc etc.

It's just so f*ck*ng frustrating that you can't believe...

To have humility (I come to your talk and demonstrate respectful listening to you) misinterpreted as weakness (we never have to respectfully listen to you).

And so on.

For years since my return... I turned up to people's talks. I enrolled in people's classes. I supported them in that way. I asked good questions.

But over time I started to sour... As my stuff is not being signed off on or respected.

Sour still more.

More pertinent questions....

NO speaking rights no more...


Fair go.

I'm 40 years old -- and I'm not f*ck*ng slow.

Why do you (person half my age even) have all the money all the degrees....


What's teh f*ck*ng story??

Sign me off already.

Enrol me already.

I should be half the way through a f*ck*ng medical degree already.

Where's my f*ck*ng acknowlegement?

Where's my f*ck*ng progression?

Where's my f*ck*ng degree?


What's the f*ck*ng story?

I don't even give a sh*t.

Just do your f*ck*ng job and f*ck*ng sign me off, already. Processs the f*ck*ng enrolment. Let me f*ck*ng complete the degree. DO the things you need to do to enable internship. Let someone else sign offf on the f*ck*ng degree.


The people don't have access to doctors because you don't let anybody function.


hurry up and sign me off




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