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Re: health funding

Posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 16:57:30

In reply to health funding, posted by alexandra_k on April 29, 2020, at 16:49:06

because i need to remember that's how they think.

so to communiate when them effectively in a language they understand i need to get these silly ideas of the welfare of studnets and patients and the like well out of my head.



where's the money!


i love my money.

my money

all the money

all of money.

hiding away in my hiding hole grubbity grub grub grubbing up all the money!

what a wonderful job for me!

and everything else that they say is just a cry for more money. they want more money. more money to make sure they have more money and their workers don't get paid. more money to make the people around them sicker and sicker and sicker and sicker more money to invest in slummier slums that make their tenants sicker and sicker so they get a higher return on their hospital shares....

it's important not to get side-tracked by other things that they say.

because it's all in their interests of the mighty dollar.

how do you know?

why, look at how they share.

wheres' my degree?



it's a one year degree.

i wrote the thesis. there you go. it's done. the examiners said i could make (needed to make) substantive changes to it. to their satisfaction.

i made changes. and the dean f*ck*ng well refused to give it to them.

she refused to allow the examiners to do their job and examine it.

you know why overseas does not respect nz degrees? because nobody overseas cares what our esteemed mighty leaders have to say about whether a thesis is good enough or not. because our esteemed mighty leaders are not making objective and independent judgements. they are deciding which of their kids / students shall be forced to stay with them and look after them (while paying the university) for... 3 years... 4 years... 10 years.

they don't sign their students off.

they don't allow independent / individual work to be done.

mostly they advertise the research projects that are available (to be written for the student) by way of providing the student with an abstract of the thesis the supervisor is going to write fro the student. maybe that's becuase that's the work that the supervisor has got the 10 + year studnet writing for them (so the supervisor can give that to someone else).

it's a f*ck*ng farce.

it's not repsected because there's no genuine productivity there.

it's stifling and oppressive and the chieftan mighty leader... is a joke. actually. isn't giving conferences or whatever overseas... doesn't have peers coming here from overseas to help lpreven in-breeding of ideas and the like.

it's just a f*ck*ng joke.

where is my f*ck*ng degree?

ohhhhhhhhhh i'm too intellectually retarded to have completed a 1 year masters degree from the university of waikato!

all of a sudden i got dropped on my head and my writing hand doesn't work anymore!

f*ck*ng idiots.

where's my f*ck*ng degree?




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