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Re: Coronavirus - babble support board

Posted by alexandra_k on April 5, 2020, at 3:44:43

In reply to Re: Coronavirus - babble support board, posted by rjlockhart37 on April 4, 2020, at 21:31:53

well, reading your 'messy' ideas is a comfort to me rj. my ideas aren't any tidier than yours.

i had a really vivid mental picture forming in my mind of the kind of library you describe.

imagining... monks. something like that, i guess. people who devoted their lives to keeping the books. retaining the lore. learning from the lore.

for me it's tied up in the idea of wizards, too. studious. magic that comes from studious effort. not like these sourcerers with their wild-type natural talent that they don't know how to control... the kind of knowledge that comes from effort and hard work.

it used to be quite hard to write things down in a way that was persistent.

imagine carving the 10 commandments on stone tablets. imagine... carving a message on stone tablets.

you really wouldn't want to make a typographical error. oops. a mis-speak.

the work and expense that goes into the production of paper.


the inks and dyes. the effort of keeping and using a quill pen. of writing.

it's amazing, isn't it, how for such a long long long long time in human history (well, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years... I don't know how many generations) some people have worked to hard, so determinedly, to write things down. to leave messages for the future.

not so very long ago people used to write theses by physically cutting and pasting. writing it all down by hand. chopping bits out and moving them around.

i still do this.

i do suppose a more evolved state will be one in which a person can do it with computer software. not need to print and color and scan like i have to, right now, i'm not there yet...

it's a different kind of thing.. this ability to write as fast as the speed of thought. then to go back and edit it and re-edit it and work it and re-work it over and over and over and over.

and i imagine moses carving into stone tablets.

it's a different kind of thing.

i think thats why it makes sense to think that there might be more of value in the older stuff. an economy. a quality that is rare nowdays. because it is too easy to produce in current environment. quality control.

quality control is what will turn south,now, with the forced increase in production.








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