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Posted by alexandra_k on February 22, 2020, at 20:54:07

our courts appear to be barely functional.

becuase, you know, the universities decide who to give law degrees to.

because, you know, we don't have a well developed system of laws.

because we don't have the infrastructure.

the judges don't appear to be fair in the compensation they order.

they don't order compensation to cover reasonable legal costs.

that means good lawyers can't afford the time to be involved in trying the good cases that would help develop the law.

instead you take advantage of idiots like me.

that's the idea. that's the story. that's the story we like to hear. that's the story we like to tell. that's the way we want things to be.

that's why nobody will stay here, voluntarily.

instead of a sustainable working relationship you burn through children and when they actually are competent they flee.

so they try not to have competence identified.

they try to prevent the development of competence.

nz is an interesting case study in death wish for people inclined / interested.

nz is an interesting case in how evil isn't merely the absense of good. there is a motivation or driver or urge to destruction and the like. to undermining good. fair. mutually beneficial.

people become invested in promoting or promulgating the ideal that they have lived their lives by...

that justifies atrocities.

the only thing that makes it acceptable is that others would treat them the way that they got away with treating others if they could have gotten away with it.

so the people don't seem to mind when psychopaths get the opportunity to express or display their psychopathy or incompetence in the public hospitals and the like...

beam me up.




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