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Re: too many leaders

Posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:33:21

In reply to too many leaders, posted by alexandra_k on February 10, 2020, at 23:24:34

It's partly a tribal thing.
Maaori were never unified as Maaori
They always were a tribe here and a tribe there and another tribe over there
They always were squabbling and fighting between and amongst themselves.
That's why they sold tracts of land in exchange for muskets that they used to shoot on each other for.

And, still, in a country with as many people as Sydney or the entire State of North Carolina, we don't have a national health system.
We have a tribal system of 11 (or so) district health boards up and down the country.
Who are supposed to use their money to purchase goods and services for their region.
Who can only agree that everyone on the board shall have a consdierable pay increase...
And agree that we can't afford to hire doctors...
We can't afford to run hospitals...
We can't afford to run that operating theatre...
Just close all of the things down...
To fund our next conference in Hawaii...
Where we can pat ourselves on the back for the great land purchase of hundreds and thousands of government dollars that we just paid to ourselves so we can have meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting...
About the new hospital...
Which will likely never be built...
Because the money will be spent on meetings.

Up and down the country.

And each school shall have a board of trustees whose job it is to look after the buildings and hire the teachers and to provide things like libraries...

And just everywhere and all over the people do not do that which it is their job to do. They just act to profit themselves. And tehy squabble and they bicker amongst themselves...

We don't have school lunches.

We do have too many kids. The government intentionally advertised having kids was what they wanted to see beneficiaries doing. Pictures of kids.

We don't have classrooms enough to house them in. We have maybe 30 or 32 to a class. There is no way a teacher can teach 30 or 32 kids in a class to read, write, do arithmetic when they didn't have breakfast and when the breakfast they did have is additives and preservatives...

No matter.

We don't value reading, writing, arithmetic.

They can watch youtube videos and people will tell them everything they need to know.

Mostly, that life is just a squabble to steal all of the stuff.

We don't produce anything.




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