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Re: The common cold

Posted by alexandra_k on December 9, 2019, at 17:33:49

In reply to Re: The common cold, posted by alexandra_k on December 9, 2019, at 17:22:47

the trouble is that sickness (like stupidity) is most insideous when it is not apparent.

In other words...

People can be infectious before they outwardly show signs that they have been infected.

Once they start with the leaky tap they know that those secretions are infectious and so most people (if they are somewhat happy in their environments / somewhat respectful of people around them) will endevor to steralise their secretions.

So, there is perhaps little utility in hiding oneself away with a cold. One probably passed it on before knowing one was contagious. One can do things like washing hands, not touching things, to try and limit contagion...

I don't know.


I remember hearing about this... Worm? I don't remember. It had a weird lifecycle. It would infect an ant, I think. Part of it's brain. The ant would climb up high on a stalk of grass. The ant would be more likely to be eaten by a bird. The worm thing needed to be processed through bird poop. Then infecting an ant and infecting that part of the brain making it climb up high.

That's what I remember. I don't remember more. I don't remember if it was making the ant seek the light or any other details.

I was surprised to learn that many things that infect people tend to make people touch themselves a lot. That people are fairly constantly sticking their fingers in their ears and rubbing their eyes and sticking their fingers in their noses and mouths. Itchiness or whatever. Just rubbing or touching their mucous membraned. Worms too. Itchy bum. The parasites / infectious agents tend to get people doing things to spread them without our meaning / intending to...




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