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Re: how do you react

Posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 3:18:41

In reply to Re: how do you react, posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 3:07:29

Of course they think they are being 'friendly'. But, really, it is about 'you have to play our game. You have to stop playing your game and play our game'. It isn't friendly when I don't have a choice. Of course it is the park and they can't make me play with them or chase me out of the park. Can they? We will see. I guess usually it takes... I'd say 1 month. People escalate in their behavior and it is usually after 1 month that people decide that if I will not stop what I am doing and play their game with them then I will not be allowed to play my game at all.

I guess we will see...

I don't know if people would react the same to a guy. I don't know if people would react the same to me if they found me to be physically ugly.

I get mad when people try and tell me what to do. Especially when they don't know it when they see it. I get mad when people who don't know how to manage their own budget get given control of mine. I get mad when people who cannot produce their own research get put in charge of the production of mine. And so on... I have been feeling really very mad over the last year as people refuse to sign off on the work that I have done. People try and pass themselves off as having the option and if I don't approach them all supplicant or offer to suck their dick or whatever... Then they won't sign me off at all.

I am mad the office of the ombudsman hasn't met any of the deadlines they are supposed to on when this step or the next step of the complaints and investigation process is supposed to occur...

I am mad that I have to go and beg for things like cooking pots from Work and Income because the NZ government refuses to supply me with a living wage.

I am mad that they pay exhorbitant salaries to incompetents.

I am mad that the blame some student for leaving the blowtorch on and burning the convention centre becaues they were too stupid to see an underbid for a contract when presented with one...

I am angry that good people cannot do business with them and I am so deeply ashamed of this country.

Just been watching it gurgle down the toilet on my return. Everything getting sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r and sh*tt**r. We've been developing backwards by a bunch of stupid incompetents.

That makes me mad.

For sure.

They didn't actually want me to come back here. I was supposed to get employment overseas and send money back to pay off the student loan.

What would they have done with the student loan money?

I guess it would have been (in total) maybe 1/3 of the salary of a politician over the course of a year?

Anyway... They didn't want me to come back here. It couldn't really be any more clear.




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