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Posted by alexandra_k on September 1, 2019, at 4:22:50

it sucks looking for a job.

most of our jobs aren't real.

government handouts, i suppose.

but there wasn't anything (at all) i could apply for last week.

this week there are a couple things to apply for.

a couple things where they aren't accepting / processing the applications.

because the link doesn't work.

for a job where you are supposed to process other people's applications for...



the hierarchy of the lowest level government workers and their... uh... the people they govern.

the 'other' who don't get jobs because they don't pass their drug test or because they couldn't get to work on time or becuase...

and me.

but a couple of those part time jobs.

that pay as much for a part time job as i would have been paid for writing a PhD thesis full time.

only i didn't get paid anything at all for writing my thesis full time.


why would you pay me?

why would you pay me?

why would they pay me -- when they can get away with not paying me.

who is going to make them pay me?

who made them pay the teachers when they decided that it was too hard to process teacher salary payments and so they just weren't going to pay teachers for a couple months...

and how many people just kept on working... just kept on going to work...

even without being paid.

things are very corrupt, here.




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