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Re: Hello from a newbie; Shared peer experience?

Posted by alexandra_k on June 30, 2019, at 12:49:16

In reply to Hello from a newbie; Shared peer experience?, posted by GwenM905 on June 25, 2019, at 23:35:59

my experience is that dispelling stigma is important when it comes to alleviating individual shame and guilt. it can be nice to feel like one is not alone in the experiences that one has.

on the other hand...

my experience is that `normalising' mental illness can start out 'it's okay that you are like this / that you experience this' and transition into `you must be like this / you must experience this'.

for example...

`normalising' illness might start out with it being okay that you work less hours or that you take longer to accomplish the same amount of work.

'normalising' illness might then be that you are forced to work less hours (for less pay) or that you are only credited with the work you have done at 1/2 rate.

the idea seesm to be that from `normalising' illness we get this idea of accommodations... to `help' the person with disability.

from there we get to people `feigning' illness to get the accommodations. or (even if that isn't an issue) we get wide-spread resentment that some people think they are `special' that the standard rules don't apply to them or whatever...

so then they think they are justified in discriminating against people with disability. they think that actively discriminating against them amounts to fairness because they are putting right the unfair advantage they had because of the label.

so... if a person with disability is only required to do 1/2 the work... the response is to only give them 1/2 the pay...

which leads to a cycle of oppression, rather.

i have an issue at the moment where people are refusing to accept a thesis that I wrote in accordance with regulations. the issue seems to be that they have come to see `disability status' as `normal'. apparently they expect all their students as a matter of course to hang about spending years and years and years finishing up graduate level research on part time bases...

and it is now at the point where they will violate every university calendar regulation in the book to FORCE this fate on everyone.

i mean... if you think you are `better than them / better than that' then you certainly deserve to be knocked down / back a peg or two -- right?

it really depends on the context. it might just be the stage of development of the country i am in. we seem to be at the stage of development where psychiatry is a tool of political oppression where it is used to dis-credit people to force them to accept conditions of slavery.




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