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Re: US doctor immigrates to nz...

Posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 17:53:18

In reply to Re: US doctor immigrates to nz..., posted by alexandra_k on July 9, 2020, at 17:44:21

I don't like it becuase it makes us look bad.

That's what they don't seem to understand.

They given exemptions to people who aren't citizens. They let them buy citizenship for x amount of dollars. They let foreign citizens buy land and so on for x amount of dollars. They let foreigners do whatever they want for money. I wonder how much money money money money money was paid for foreigners to come here and do things like blow up mosques.

And then the people who paid however much to do whatever... Publicise it.

To show just how corrupt the leaders are.

It's like when some lady (I forget who) travelled to some tribe in Paupa New Guniea (I think) and there was some ceremonial meeting house or whatever it was. And she was told by the tribe that only men were allowed in the house for whatever reasons to do with the Gods. And she offered them... I don't remember how much money to let her into the meeting house with film camera so she could film the meeting house for all the women around the world who had TV. And the men agreed.

So the women saw that the men of the tribe were full of sh*t. It wasn't about their reverence for the Gods, at all.

It's like that.

Right before the election... People seem to think that if they praise NZ, praise NZ, praise NZ for being 'world leading'... Well that somehow buys them favors. Because that's how we do.

Even when it has sensibly been pointed out that other remote islands with small populations are in similar positions. Fiji. Tonga. And then nations with co-ordinated responses. Taiwan. Hong Kong.

And then us...

Do we have fit tested masks yet?

I suppose it's an indicator of where things are going to go. We will need a qualified forensic pathologist to identify the bodies, at least. I suppose that's the idea, really. Apparently there are more US people here than usual. Double or something. Film crews got exemptions and so on...

Why did the US let them out?




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