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Posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:14:41

In reply to Re: the thing I didn't like, that Trump said:, posted by alexandra_k on June 3, 2020, at 20:05:30

soceity is really good at that. at being dismissive.

Damos had a quote from somewhere that he emailed...

about how when you speak -- nobody listens. you shout -- nobody listens. you scream -- nobody listens. you start smashing things up...

of course people would rather that you stayed in your houses so they didn't have to look at you.

just shelter in place while the nation opens up it's borders so the rich foreigners can come into the country (into their bolt-hole) to flee the epidemic... just stay in level 4 or level 3 lock-down so that a few of the 'chosen white' (either themselves or people of color chosen by them for their having agreed or been seen to work for the primary benefit of the chosen white) can continue to profit at their expense...

there was a lady... I can't remember her name. she wanted the euthanasia law changed so that she could have control over timing of her own death in the context of terminal illness (brain cancer). so her doctor didn't need to give her a lethal injection (on her doctors terms) while pretending it was for something else ('i'm too stupid to understand that a dose that will alleviate your pain the very same as a dose that will end your life... so stupid... i'm so stupid... i must be a ''chosen white'' doctor to be as stupid as that!')

point is: lucinda?? something like that... did not get what she wanted. she wanted the law to change. because of something she did. she was a lawyer. she devoted her life to the law. she wanted her life to make a meaningful difference in that way.

so of course: denied.

then later the law changes. in such a way that she is denied what she wanted with her life.

because this is a land where everybody must be as deprived as we can possibly keep them. just because. it's how we like to live. it's how we like to express our pathology.


it isn't about the money. the resources. it is about everything else.

it isnt' that there isn't enough. we intentionally set about ENSURING that there isn't enoguh. we intentionally set about FORCING conditions of deprivation.

floyd likely DID NOT WANT to be a matyr. that's why he's being matyred.

and so on...




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