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do no harm

Posted by alexandra_k on April 6, 2020, at 17:01:15

I remember hearing this principle or idea that you should 'do no harm'.

Of course every procedure has potential harm. Radiation exposure from imagine. Infection from needle stick to take samples or to deliver medications.

But the idea being that, on balance of pros and costs, the idea was to help rather than to harm.

Otherwise... What are you doing?

Who wants to be a Cleric?

Who wants to be a Cleric if you don't get death magic?

The hospitals became over-run with CoronaVirus. I don't know how that happened.

I know how it spreads in NZ.

Our hospital workers don't use hand sanitiser or practice hand hygine they way they are supposed to. The hospital doesn't ordinarily supply enough for that to happen, even.

Most of our hospital workers are expected to buy their own uniforms and launder them themselves, at home. I think the lowest paid (cleaners) get a laundry allowance. They are instructed to hot wash the uniform apart from their families load. But I don't know how feasible that is for most workers with small washing machines and large families.

We don't have paid sick days. People are expected to go to work when they are sick. Doctors are perhaps expected to self-medicate the visible symptoms. There certainly is no temperature taking and sending people home if they have a fever.

The US Comfort was supposed to do all the business as usual that the hospitals couldn't do after being over-run by CoronaVirus:

Apparently the problem was that the hospitals weren't prioritising identifying which patients were not infected and keeping them away from infected patients.

They weren't clearing them fast enough so they could go onto the hospital ship.

Turns out people didn't want the US comfort to protect people who did not have the virus. To protect them from becoming infected.

The people wanted the US Comfort, too, to be over-run with the Corona Virus. Which would likely make it an even worse vector than the other hospitals from what we know aobut ship transmission.

That's what the people wanted.

I am surprised, with Trump, that apparently the need for non-Corona Virus hospital care was so low.

They say there was a long list of exclusion criterion for the US Comfort.

Was that, by any chance, an exclusion criteria of infectious disease? Because that would make sense. What did they say -- around 50 conditions people couldn't have. Likely conditions that were likely to involve infectious agents. PRobably.

Apparently people aren't being injured because they aren't out there on the roads.

But teh hospitals aren't usually over-run with injury -- are they ??

Is it only teh ER that usually has work?

Where are all the heart attacks?

Where are all the sickle cell crises?

Where are all the Lupis flare-ups?

All the things people usually present with...

It's strange, I think, how much physical disease seems to imitate psychiatric.

I mean... You get flare ups. Neurosis. Borderline. Whatever is trendy.

Everybody got CoronaVirus now.




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