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Re: face masks in Hong Kong

Posted by alexandra_k on April 4, 2020, at 3:25:18

In reply to Re: face masks in Hong Kong, posted by alexandra_k on April 3, 2020, at 7:10:46

I see the link doesn't work.

I was thinking about the physiotherapy interventions there were for people with cystic fibrosis. People with cystic fibrosis has lung secretions that they tend to drown in / die of. Their lung secretions are thick, though. Thicker than normal. But, anyway, you do what you do with a toddler that is choking... Tip them upside down and give them a good whack. Roughly...

Turns out that people don't survive very well being upside down. I mean to say it is typically self-limiting. You do start to feel like your head is accumulating fluids in a way that is uncomfortable after not very long. Voluntarily turn yourself right-side-up.

But I guess I was thinking of ways to help clear the respiratory tract for situations where there may be in fact a shortage of ventillators. If we can get peope not requiring ventillators for longer -- or coming off of them sooner. That would surely help.

But often it's not about helping.

It's often about allowing things to run their course.

I have been trying to read apparently there is an article that is disparaging of the Comfort Ship in NY.


Their briefing was: Take the people without Corona and do the things the hospitals cannot do because the hosptials have become over-run with Corona.

The hospitals aren't clearing the people *without* Corona fast enough for them to referred.

But the hosptials should be...

'Do no harm'.

Do no harm to the people who present to your service -- without Corona.

The briefing can change... But the orders need to be given.

How did the Hospitals allow themselves to be over-run... Over-come by Corona???

Transmission is prevented with basic hygeine practices. Face Masks. Hand washing.

How it is that hospital workers become infected?

HOw is it that they allow the hospital to be over-run by infectious disease?

If there isn't a mask for you... You don't go to work. First: Do not harm.

The people in the US who have been reported to have refused to go to work becuse they were not supplied with PPE... Afer a couple days the hosptial adopted PPE requirement and they were invited back.

Often they stockpile the necessary resources.

You have to get used to doing business with psychopaths.




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