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Re: testing

Posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2020, at 20:11:41

In reply to Re: testing, posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2020, at 19:54:39

Some of whom were actually selected to train to be Medical Doctors. Only, the District Health Board wouldn't hire them, as Medical Doctors. Will pay them out so they never practice Medicine so they make sure nobody practices Medicine -- not on their watch.

My 'friend' who is hired to teach 'critical reasoning'. Not to teach Philosophy. Not to teach the things about Philosophy that made her want to study Philosophy.

(Actually, apparently her parent was an English Teacher or maybe Profesor so actually she's just doing what is her birth-right).

Teaching 'critical reasoning' in this course that people used to call (behind the studnets back) the 'money cow' course for the department. The first year course that pulled the big numbers of primarly international students because they course advising people advised people to take 'critical reasoning' in order to improve their English Language skills for English Second Language (ESL) students.

Then the issue becomes that the stuff being taught doesn't make a lot of sense, really. Things seem arbitrary and non-sensible rather a lot of the time. And so any not-understand-y was blamed on their poor English comprehension. Rather than acknowledgement that not-understand-y-able. Because no-makey-no-seny.

So, really, the job of the person employed to teach 'critical reasoning' was to scare contientious and hard working students away from Philosophy. Ensuring they would never take another course in Philosophy. Sending them back to things that were cheaper to teach, I suppose. They figured that you actually can pack them en masse into laboratories and have them run experiments on... water.

The people paid to do the jobs seem to be paid to make sure nobody does their job. Not on their watch.

I many many examples of how the government (and sub-contractors) do this.

And the people beleive it's random. A matter of luck. What you get picked to do. What you end up doing. Far more competent people want to do than get to do. So why they keep selecting incompetents and sell-outs?

The people who chose to stay here, I guess.

I didn't know things were that bad here. Genuinely.

Would I have chosen to come back?


I would have done more to get to stay in the US. To not have returned to this part of the world. I was a resident of the state for a year... Actually... I do think I was required to leave for 2 years afterwards. J1 Requirement... Hmm...

There aren't any parts of this country where people are trying to do the right thing...

I don't see...





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