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Re: A tale of Florida

Posted by alexandra_k on January 28, 2020, at 21:01:04

In reply to Re: A tale of Florida, posted by beckett2 on January 28, 2020, at 0:53:31

I was going to say... What they did isn't *illegal* surely?

I mean... The laws on false advertising are pretty liberal... And nobody is going to try and prove that they *aren't* tickets to heaven - surely. So, uh, caveat emptor, and sorry if your snail oil maybe doesn't work for whatever ails ya, but people willingly purchased them...


I have just finished watching most of season 1 of "The Apprentice".

I watch it and think...

Maybe one of them wants to do it not *because* of all the marketing crap about how you can have money to do bad things and *because* of all the marketing crap about this possession and that possession and *because* of all the marketing crap about the lifestyle of the rich and famous...

But maybe one of them wants to do it *despite* all of that b*llsh*t.

Maybe... For the power to do good. At least to try.

Maybe... For the power to reward good business - at least to try - (rather than to reward business practices that will make things worse).

Try and reward / encourage good ethical values.

Educate the public a little. Hey... You get your allowance... Maybe sell some lemonade. Ha.


There was a nice little blurb in the paper from Markle and Harry... It is hard not to like them... They have well marketed themselves. Other people have well marketed them. You get the idea.

I did not watch most of "Suits" But I watched a couple seasons. I remember she really really really really really really wanted to get to Harvard. Partly because of the belief that she needed to go there for the life she wanted (to be the next Jessica, basically). But also partly for what Harvard represented. The ideology / dream of that. But (the marketing goes) they had more wonderful applicants than they could accept (and of course the marketing didn't go that once they took the stupid kids of the rich people they previously sold out to already there was no places left for any of the wonderful applicants anyways)... But she got to go... Where did she go? Yale? No... Stanford? I think...

But the point is that the Princess knows... Or understands vicariously. The Princess can produce a convincing display of understanding how it feels to really really wants something and simulate working hard for it... How that feels... And then to miss out. And then to see others getting it (some aspects of it anyway) without working for it. Or having it. Or whatever.

But the point is... That even if she is really just very rich... That is how she chose to invest her money. In that marketing scheme.

There were many she could have chosen to invest in, instead. But that's what she chose to do.

Trump could have chosen to do something more machiavellian... But he didn't.

Those things do attest to their characters, I think.

Especially when I consider the things people choose to do here, with their money. Investing in substandard studnent housing slum after substandard studnet housing slum while rewriting degree regulations such that studnets will never be completed unless... They have proven themselves psychopathic enough to perpeptuate that awful system, I guess. Or be rendered sufficiently neutered.



Harry and Markle said that they wouldn't associate their name with things like milk.

But they would do something for apple tv. maybe elephants without borders.

I thought that was pretty funny.


There is a coronoavirus concern from China.
You know, 2 per cent of people exposed die.
YOu know, more likely to be shot in South Auckland.
But still, in the face of it we are supposed to have systems in place.
Infrared scanners taking peoples temperature at airports so we can identify fever and not rely on self-report or physical examination.
We are supposed to have pathologists who can dx the samples.
We are sending the samples to Australia till the end of the week at which point...

International organisations deploy taskforce for us?

We recently had a volcano erupt on some tourists.

Canadian and Australian surgeons, apparently. Using skin grafts from world banks.

Where are our surgeons?

Where are our skin graft banks?






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