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Re: Tim Minchin

Posted by alexandra_k on January 25, 2020, at 22:38:40

In reply to Tim Minchin, posted by sigismund on January 25, 2020, at 14:31:06

I think `f*ck*d off to a holiday in Hawaii' might be Australasian slang for being held in an off-shore detention facility for your crimes against humanity in a slightly face saving way.

At least, that's what I'm hoping because that's what happened to our John Key, for a while there.

New Zealand has a `volunteer' (aka not government funded) fire service as well - but not half the problem bush fires that Australia has, to be fair.

Apparently (from my first aid course) if you are ever in a situation and emergency response comes (haha), you better hope that first on scene is fire.

Ambulance won't move in until police have cleared the scene (too much stabby stabby for them prohibits) but fire is expected to be able to defend themselves via water pressure. I guess. And they are first aid trained. So...

The New Zealand Government didn't pay it's Secondary / High School teachers. Not so long ago.

I don't know what is up with these governments allegedly collecting high tax rates (but not from the rich) to be funding no government services.

We recently had a situation where a convention centre was likely intentionally set on fire so that insurance funds would ensure completion. Because the contract was won only by under-bidding such that... So overseas insurers are expected to foot the bill (good people will not do business with us for obvious reasons) and the volunteer fire service... Some of them ran themselves into serious injury because it turns out they were not lisenced to operate the `cherry picker' that the fire hoses are launched from... Just a f*ck*ng mess, all around...

They tried to blame the stupid junior apprentice they only took on as an apprentice because they thought he would appear suitably stupid in any court of law. Only, the engineers could attest to the fact that their blow-torch design was such that the blow-torch would blow-out, unless it was suitably attended, so I guess they can't blame it on the stupid apprentice, after all. Then it becomes about how much those foreign insurance companies want to sanction the corruption in New Zealand.

I recently learned the current Vice Chancellor of Waikato University (refusing to confer my Degree since I refused to pay them maximum fees which would involve my taking out extentions such that the world would think I was intellectually handicapped or was forced to pay for someone else to write my thesis for me) is also employed by the Tertiary Education Commission (who is billed for additional enrolment periods and additional rounds of examination) and also the reserve bank of New Zealand... Who chooses to invest in such crap, one can only suppose. The `low road' to growth and so on. I'm sure none of those jobs were publically advertised ha de ha ha ha. I read one of his (government paid for) reports where he basically asserts `because I have no reading comprehension the rules do not apply to me and I can do whatever I want'

I hope he gets his all expenses paid trip to Hawaii, really soon.

And I hope the Faculty at Auckland can follow the reasoning whereby they kind of sort of have to train me if they want their training system to mean anything... Anything... Anything at all. They want Doctors who are competent in perscriptions and procedures? Better train me! I can't believe the combination of ineptitute and corruption... But there it is. And there we go.

Someone... Everyone... TELL ME. When it starts to sort of kind of maybe sort of kind of proceed to the point where...

Where I need to take serious consideration of BALANCE OF POWER. Remind me. I think that is the problem half the time. People don't have the support structures that they need. Sometimes they actually do in fact have the power to summon / purchase them. But sometimes they FOREGET or they just don't KNOW. Or something... Something like that goes horribly wrong... Such that they need to take a little trip to Hawaii... I need for people to help make sure that I never need do that. Yeah.




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