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Re: Universities. beckett2

Posted by alexandra_k on January 2, 2020, at 22:03:39

In reply to Re: Universities. alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on January 2, 2020, at 20:02:27

I moved though things quickly.

The more they became involved in them, the worse things got.

The more I tried to... Pander... To them, the worse things got.

There is no reasoning with people, often.

People just say things that were said to them without it having done many circuits of their cortex, at all.

That is why people say various things to me -- it isn't that those things are true of me, it is that those things are true of them.

They are like parrot-birds repeating the words without them having internalised them or...

Encoding them by meaning.

I see that most people genuinely do not seem able to put the Calendar Regulations and the Reports of the Examiners together and see the obvious truth that the University is required to sign me off within 10 weeks.

My supervisor still doesn't seem to understand this.

The only reason she agreed to supervise me was because she thought she got to decide when I was done. She thought I wasn't allowed to submit a thesis for examination without her permission. Turns out she thought that every thesis she was ever examined was pre-aproved by the students supervisor.

That might be true. Different Universities have different regulations. But the regulations were sent to my examiners and there was nothing in those regulations about the supervisor being required to pre-approve a student submitting their thesis for examination.

Of course they try and bully people out of submitting. They say that they think they will be failed.

In my case someone (not sure who) emailed one of the examiners and basically suggested to them that I be required to keep working for 6 additional months.

Because that person (likely my supervisor) did not seem capable of understanding the reports.


I did look into other options...

Otago (since I was located there). A conversation with the Departmental Chair did not at all go well. He was hostile to my topic and he wasn't going to let me to do independent research.

They werent' going to let me do independent research.

Nobody would supervise me...

Because they knew that I had the capacity to do it.


That's the truth of it.




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