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Re: hope and friendship

Posted by alexandra_k on December 14, 2019, at 15:45:57

In reply to Re: hope and friendship, posted by alexandra_k on December 14, 2019, at 15:40:42

Co-operation is supposed to be that 1+1= more than 2.
That we can do more together than each acting independently.
We co-operate to carry something that cannot be carried by one of us alone.
It gets done.

But instead people want to play a zero-sum game of 'I win - you lose' and think that that is the very very very very very very best outcome there is.

They accept that things might go badly / poorly and the outcome is 'you win - I lose'. But they are young and willing to live dangerously. Willing to play a high stakes game. Double or nothing! Winner takes all!

But wait!

Your short-sightedness / stupidity blinded you to the opportunity cost of playing a zero-sum game instead of finding a 1+1=more than 2 game to be playing.

Is your game (winner takes all) better than me just keeping to myself all autistic-like and refusing to play with you, at all?

Well, let's see...

Your game produces inequalities.

Inequalities are the thing that drive ill health.



Your strategy / game / way of life is unsustainable.

For you over the long haul.

For me.

For us all.

You are ruining things for everyone.





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