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Re: Those 4

Posted by sigismund on July 18, 2019, at 18:10:49

In reply to Re: Those 4, posted by alexandra_k on July 18, 2019, at 17:19:02

>It is easiest / easier to feel comfortable around people who are `like you' in some way.

You reckon?

There was as a sign on the wall: 'El Tiempo no existe', (as opposed to the usual 'At the end of the day you have to move on', beloved of nation builders who shoulder the burden of the necessary massacres (Downer) as Himmler explained twice in Posen..... now that we can disobey Godwin.

I like what Chris Hedges says....the 500 year old rampage of the white race over the face of the earth is coming to an end. (And they don't like that one bit. This land will forever be the homeland of etc etc)

>Why should one have to marry and American for citizenship? I do understand this idea of.. Something along the lines of investing in the country. But why in the form of children? I understand that if you have children you want the people to have their children part of the country (otherwise it seems allegiance is not there, or something). But I don't understand this hangover from the idea that people must procreate.

In NZ you just need the money (Thiel). Like Trump said 'I don't know what the meaning of it all is. Make as much as you can and leave it to your kids I guess?'

Centuries of lies have placed the anglo sphere in this position. (Waitangi is unusual) Not a good time to have kids. I wouldn't.

Trump is the mirror in a strange way. And mirrors sometimes tell the truth (which we don't always like).

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

A lot of racism comes from envy IMO.

You read Columbus's report to the kindg and queen of Spain?

"At daybreak great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes, very handsome. . . . They came loaded with balls of cotton, parrots, javelins, and other things too numerous to mention; these they exchanged for whatever we chose to give them. I was very attentive to them, and strove to learn if they had any gold. Seeing some of them with little bits of this metal hanging at their noses, I gathered from them by signs that by going southward or steering round the island in that direction, there would be found a king who possessed large vessels of gold, and in great quantities. I endeavored to procure them to lead the way thither, but found they were unacquainted with the route. I determined to stay here till the evening of the next day, and then sail for the southwest; for according to what I could learn from them, there was land at the south as well as at the southwest and northwest and those from the northwest came many times and fought with them and proceeded on to the southwest in search of gold and precious stones. . . .

Sunday, 14 October. . . . I do not, however, see the necessity of fortifying the place, as the people here are simple in war-like matters, as your Highnesses will see by those seven which I have ordered to be taken and carried to Spain in order to learn our language and return, unless your Highnesses should choose to have them all transported to Castile, or held captive in the island. I could conquer the whole of them with fifty men, and govern them as I pleased. . . .

Tony Abbott has been banging on about the superiority of Western Civilisation. This brought to mind Ezra Pound who may have known more about it.....

There died a myriad,
And of the best, among them,
For an old bitch gone in the teeth,
For a botched civilization,




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