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Re: medicine

Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2019, at 18:10:22

In reply to refugee, posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2019, at 18:03:53

and of course it's largely medicine. in the name of.

helping me
helping me
helping me
helping me help myself to you

helping me keep you weak
helping me help myself to you

to enable the people to be packed tighter and tighter and tighter
to enable the people to survive in conditions beleived to be toxic

helping the people in the concentration camps and the torture camps stay alive so they may live to be tortured and violated another day

helping me help myself to you

and of course it's mostly that.

which is of course why it is that they want to select the kids that they do

helping the district health board
help themselves to you

finding all of the people with the substandard living conditions to be discharged ASAP
all of the people with decent housing to be detained indefinately

finding teh people who need seclusion to be forced to public ward
finding the people who need company to be forced to seclusion

helping me helping me helping me help myself to you

its such a fun country if you are that way inclined.

i guess that's what drives so many people to stay here.

tis fun and games.

tis a fun game.

i don't understand how i get myself out.

i don't understand.

apparently you are supposed to 'stand up'.


apparently you are supposed to articulate.

who to?

people get off on it, you see. people get off on seeing you visibly express your pain and suffering. they like to hear the victim story. like they like to hear women go on and on and on about how violated they were... the whole svu thing... people love it. that's why they do it. that's why they violate the rights. for getting off on the power.

so sure i'm sure people want to hear my articulate expression on all the pain and suffering and shame and guilt and so on...

that's what this is for -- right?

the boards?

so people can read over and over and over the years just how horrible my life is.

keeping me down and back and weak and persistently violated.

thanks world.




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