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Re: Gabor Maté

Posted by alexandra_k on May 20, 2019, at 22:27:07

In reply to Re: Gabor Maté » sigismund, posted by beckett2 on May 20, 2019, at 10:48:12

i went to this talk about global warming and public health. i thought it sounded like a bit of a gimmick. it is the sort of thing that would get a lot of government money in this part because thats the kind of thing they like to give money to -- but it would likely be a terrible talk given by an idiot because they are fairly particular about that, too...

but it was from someone overseas and it was actually quite good.

he said some stuff about i forget where... sweat shops. with the increase in temperature around the climate temperatures are getting less and less safe for people who are working in sweat shops with poor ventillation and often with machinery that runs hot, too.

so they were trying to give the people who were in charge of the building a hand in helping making conditions safer for workers.

and also... part of it has to do with trying to help developing nations develop their labour laws so that we can try and offer fairer trades for people / companies or whatever to actually do ensure better working conditions for their workers (rather than just collecting the 'in the name of' monies for themselves).

and there was this thing about painting the roofs a light colour. white. rather than something dark.

and there was resistence to that.


turns out some people really seem to like... really seem to enjoy making other people suffer.

i wonder quite a lot how much many of the 'natural disaster' things are actually people caused. by bombs and the like. modern warfare. we just put it down to 'natural disaster' so as not to induce mass panic. and so insurance companies deal with the rebuild.

i have wondered that for a while.

wondered, too, whether the radiation you get in the southern hemisphere is more to do with nuclear fallout than hole in the ozone layer.

i don't mean to deny climate change. i just mean that that it might be something that is intentionally being induced. inflicted on (other primarily) populations.

i don't know.




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