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Lou's reply- Larry Hoover

Posted by Lou Pilder on December 24, 2016, at 9:54:09

In reply to Re: OHRC hearing, posted by Larry Hoover on December 24, 2016, at 0:05:22

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> > > You see, unbeknownst to you and others, I am going to appear to the high court in Ohio on Sept 28 as the commission justices have invited me to argue a religious discrimination charge that I have made as Jews are being discriminated upon as I am the charging party.
> >
> > Hi Lou. How did your hearing go?
> >
> How'd that go for you, Lou, you psychopath? You deluded man?
> L

The commission did not change their determination of no probable cause.
Now the entire kibosh is in the court of common pleas as a appeal of that ruling by the commission.
I have difficult times ahead. An appeals judge may see it my way but it is rare to have an administrative commission reversed.
I am not a psychopath for wanting the display of Christmas wreaths to be determined as constituting religious discrimination in a condominium where people live that have to abide by the fair housing laws. Simply, the board as I see it, discriminated by allowing symbols of Christendom in the common areas while prohibiting the symbol of Judaism in the holiday period, the menorah, which is unequal treatment toward religions that I contend violates the Fair Housing Act.
Many before me were also not psychopaths for wanting equality in race and religion such as in Brown vs Topeka that ended segregation in schools by showing that separate is not equal. The law allowed segregation but they got that reversed in 1954. I was there. And the passion goes on in that I know that I will have to do the same as in Brown and have the high court overrule the commission.
King et al were not a psychopaths to stop discrimination in employment and housing. The law allowed discrimination in housing then. I was there. I saw the darkness of racial discrimination and religious discrimination being allowed by law. Newspapers with for rent pages marked white and colored. Landlords saying no children, no Jews etc.
In my case the placement of Christian wreaths during the holiday period while prohibiting the menorah is no more different than having a sign that says no Jews as I see it in front of the condo entrance. It stands to reason that a subset of reasonable observers could see that as a statement that it shows a preference for Christians.
The law once allowed slavery. It was abolished. The abolisher was not a psychopath.




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