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Lou's reply-add up the deaths-one death at a time2 Tabitha

Posted by Lou PIlder on July 27, 2016, at 19:20:17

In reply to Re: correction:add up the deaths-one death at a time, posted by Tabitha on July 27, 2016, at 18:19:27

> > The tragedy here is that people like yourself and Scott and Larry Hoover are allowed to inflict defamation upon me over and over by Mr. Hsiung that could decrease the respect and regard and confidence in which am held and induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feeling toward me. Scott even advocates that readers ignore what I post here.
> Lou, what I have seen is that many people become frustrated as you repeatedly post alarming, threatening, and off-topic posts. When people try to engage with the factual content of your posts, you repeatedly provide poor quality references or simply ignore people's refutations to your dubious claims. Incivility results, which you often categorize as anti-semitism, creating more and more hostility and incivility. This is why people start to consider you to be trolling, and recommend ignoring your posts.
> > What a shame for those that have been killed here and those that are following the shepherd of death.
> > Let us look at this site that compiles individually the deaths. In this one, Zoloft is used to show each of hundreds of deaths that you can examine by themselves, one death at a time. Then you can put in other drugs and see the hundreds of deaths. These numbers are not speculations and the 40000 is conservative.
> > Lou
> >
> >
> > Friends,
> To see the cite with the number of deaths:
> A. Pull up Googgle
> B. Type in:
> [ druglib, number of zoloft deaths ]
> This is an adverse events database. It includes reports of any adverse event that occurred while taking zoloft. Nobody has determined that zoloft caused the death. Do you really not understand this? If you have a heart attack while taking an antibiotic, you can report it to an adverse events database. That doesn't mean the antibiotic caused the heart attack. What if you ate an apple the day beforehand? Did the apple cause the heart attack?
> Citing adverse event records without context is a common scare tactic I see used to persuide people that pharmaceuticals are bad.
> Ironically, the presence of adverse event databases is a reason to trust pharmaceuticals more than substances and methods that don't maintain such reporting. The reported data may eventually point to problems caused by medications which can lead to black box warning and removing unsafe medications from use. Meanwhile nobody is maintaining adverse event databases, for, say, supplements or meditation or religion or exercise or any of the alternatives people try to use to manage diagnosed mental illness.
Let me help you here. The list of 200 or so deaths from that 100 day period involved those taking Zoloft. There were deaths of people taking combinations of drugs with Zoloft.
First, you have to start with a death. Then the task of determining if the cause of death was Zoloft. Out of those 200+ deaths listed in the 100 day period, the site does not say which ones were compiled into a data base of deaths caused by Zoloft. To determine which ones were caused by Zoloft requires a pathologist and many others using forensic knowledge involving microscopic study and other forensic tests to determine if there is a separating aspect from the death caused by Zoloft and from other causes. That can be done and you can find it in court cases where they had to prove that, let's say, Zoloft caused the death. You can get the case and the depositions and such and the expert testimony and lab tests and forensic data. Then it is compiled in another data base as a death caused by Zoloft. There are a great many of doctors that accept the 40000/year number as close to actual. I give that number because it is generally accepted, but I think that the real number of deaths per year is 1,000,000 world wide.
There are also other ways to determine if a death was caused by a drug. The tobacco companies have for years refused to accept that smoking causes cancer. They say that maybe those that died from cancer and smoked also did other things, such as they used an electric razor and the clippings went into their noses and caused lung cancer. Or they ate apples and such. But there are scientific ways to determine if smoking caused the cancer now just as there are scientific ways to determine if Seroquel caused a death. Those methods I could bring here but the time for me to explain them is not feasible now for me. But I agree with you, that correlation does not prove causation. This is why I have looked deeply into the ehealthme website and find it positively reliable in the statistics that they provide. In fact, so do others as their website is very popular and used by experts.
I have also studied what causes cancer and these drugs can cause cancer.
So death certificates show the cause of death, like cancer, but they do not state what caused the cancer. Diabetes is caused by many of these drugs and it can be determined if a drug cause the death. I may not have the time to explain that here to you, but you can research it on your own.
The tragedy here is that Mr. Hsiung knows, or should know, as a psychiatrist, all about the aspect of death from these drugs and intercede when others here advocate what could kill others. I try to do what he should do, and those that are killed here but can't be here all the time, their blood will not be upon me.




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