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Lou's response-why the swastka-let us reason

Posted by Lou Pilder on December 18, 2015, at 17:26:28

In reply to Lous response-why the swastka-anti-Semitic policy, posted by Lou Pilder on December 18, 2015, at 17:08:40

> > > > Why not just delete the link and post the artists name.
> > >
> > > My policy is not to delete posts.
> > >
> > > Bob
> >
> > Mr. Hsiung,
> > You wrote,[...My policy is not to delete posts...].
> > But you do delete posts. This brings up what criteria that you use to delete the posts that you have deleted. Your overriding criteria in your TOS is that whatever you do or do not do is because it will be good in your vision in the future for the community as a whole. And you want readers to trust you at that.
> > I find that you then could discriminate in which posts you delete, all the time in your mind justifying that by saying that in the future what you did will make the community gooder. But what if the deletion or the refusal to delete causes harm to someone? Would that not be a gooder criteria to use than to use your vision that by deleting or not deleting a gooder community will result? Your posting of the swastika here is in question. You refuse to delete it but you do delete other posts. The harm that could come to Jews by readers seeing that you will not delete the swastika could arouse anti-Semitic feelings and Jews could be harmed. You do not use that as a criteria to delete? But you will use the criteria od leaving the swastika because you have some vision that by you doing that the community will be gooder? How would anyone make a determination if by you posting the swastika the community will be gooder? Is that not an arbitrary decision to make, or even capricious or a discriminatory one? If not, then you have some type of justification for it? If so, what is that?
> > Lou Pilder
> Friends,
> Be not deceived. Mr. Hsiung says that he has a policy that he does not delete posts. But he does delete posts.
> What this means is that Jews could be harmed by seeing that Mr. Hsiung refuses to delete the swastika that he posted. They could think that it will be gooder here to do so and think that Mr. Hsiung is validating the hate by refusing to delete the swastika because it then could be seen as being supportive where it is original posted.
> His policy is against the Jew, for he will delete posts of other natures that could cause harm. By his self-made policy that he thinks allows him to leave anti-Semitic hate to be seen as civil by him because if he deleted it, it would be against his policy, is simply not true for he does delete posts.
> Here is one post that speaks to this out of many that shows that his policy, using that if something is against the Jew it is anti-Semitic, to be anti-Semitic because it is against the Jew as he leaves the swastika un repudiated where it is original posted so readers could think that it will be good for his community as a whole so he thinks. This turns my stomach.
> Lou

Let us reason together. Who has believed my report? Is it not clear to you what is plainly visible?
Now Mr. Hsiung says that he will not delete the swastika that he posted. He claims that he does not delete posts as his policy. You have seen just a couple of examples to show that there are deletions by him. That is even worser now. Because now that you see what is plainly visible, for Mr. Hsiung to have it both ways, he would have to present some type of reasoning to justify him saying that he does not delete the swastika that he posted because he has a policy that he does not delete, but he does delete. In:
we have another aspect of this. Let us think about that awhile....




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