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Re: Beyond Pscyhobabble

Posted by so on June 16, 2005, at 1:21:23

In reply to Re: Beyond Pscyhobabble » so, posted by alexandra_k on June 16, 2005, at 0:52:40

> > As defined by the President of the American Psychological Association in 1998, it is the voices of consumers acting as professionals without adequate knowledge to practice.
> He he!
> We talk about our experiences.
> Whose most qualified there, eh?

A person who has studied the experiences of a large number of people, using the best scientific methods to detect patterns and meaning without the subjective impression of any one personal experience?

> > > And here... Psychobabble was about us (the consumer) taking the power back. Reclaiming the language.
> Who would have thought 'PsychoBabble' could be theraputic, eh?

I don't know. Everything I've read in the FAQ's say it is for support and education. I think if somebody offers therapy online they need a license.

> Ya gotta take the power back

Why? Who took it away? Or was it given away?

> > Amusing yes --- and sharply critical in most contexts
> Yeah. Thats what I meant about reclaiming the language.

Reclaiming the language by calling our conversations "babble"?

> No doubt the psychologists wouldn't have thought Babbling very useful / theraputic.
> The mean it to be a derogatory comment.

As did critics of clinical psychology who published the book and wrote the song. So do we agree that it is usually used as a derogatory term?

> > sharp criticism + amusement = ???
> I didn't think it was that so much as Dr Bob thinking he'd give it a shot anyways.

Do you have any evidence of how much thought went into selecting the name?

> I use 'Babbling' to be synonomous with 'posting'. I prefer Babbling. To me it sounds cuter :-)

Is cute supportive? or is it educational? Come to think of it, I feel put down when my expressed thoughts are labeled "babble." Maybe that's why I don't post on the other boards much. I'm not trying to be cute. It reminds me somewhat of the "n" word. After it was used as an insult for a century, some people decided it was cute to use it among themselves to refer to themselves. But some elders of that community don't think using the word that way does much to relieve the pain.

> That doesn't mean we can't be helpful.
> More helpful than those who do, even :-)

Do the math. The clinics are still saving far more lives.

And we can learn to use the language as well or better than clinicians without using a diminutive term for our interactions.




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