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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences?

Posted by alexandra_k on February 17, 2021, at 18:48:14

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by Phillipa on February 15, 2021, at 23:00:40

> Hi Alex, both vaccines Pfizer & Moderna you sign consent so you can't attempt to sue is my guess if it turns out that it causes you immune system to over react and attack your own body organs and that produces for one thing a cytokine storm.

You sign consent because it is a fundamental human right that you not be subject to medical procedures or medical experimentation without your consent. You have the right to learn of the pros and cons (strengths and weaknesses) and stage of development of the procedures that you may or may not consent to have. You have the right to make an informed decision about what is best for you and your place / role / position / situation / contribution etc etc in and to your community.

The people who give you information (or who give you false information) or who give you mis-information... Doctors... Governments... Are accountable (should be accountable) for the lies they tell so that it is more costly for them to lie and the psychopaths are incentivised to tell the truth in the only way they can understand it.

US citizens are being told the vaccines are being approved for use in experimental stages because of the pandemic. So the citizens know they are participating in medical trials.

NZ citizens are being told the vaccines are approved not for use under emergency dispensation... But under regular or normal dispensation.

That is to say the NZ government doesn't appreciate the difference between medical treatment and participating in a medical trial. That is because Pharmac regularly, reliably, repeatedly, chooses the cheapest option. Which is an 'experimental' 'generic'. I think is the idea. Where they see how low they can go with manufacturing conditions (etc etc etc) and still have... Uh... Some good effect? Maybe?

Something like that.

Is the best I can figure on the basis of the information that is available to me (and on the basis of the information that is not made available by Pharmac).

> As for why New Zealand needs to vaccinate I would guess it's to prevent an endemic.

I think you mean 'epidemic'. Or maybe not. Lol. THe case we had appears endemic, indeed. NO link to any previously known case in NZ!

Yes. We are back to lower level now (no events over 100 people). That's an issue for Universities because it's orientation weeks, now, for residential halls. Student events where they see how drunk they can get them all and how many can be bullied into being sexually abused and the like...

It is your right to wait if you choose.

The evidence on how much vaccination prevents a person becoming a vector (transmitting it to others while being themselves immune) is unclear. I mean to say...

Preventing epidemic / community transmission was NOT the reason NZ rolled out the first lot of vaccine. That is because the best evidence available to the NZ government was the South African Evidence about vaccine NOT preventing transmission. So on the basis of that evidence... The NZ government was thinking it would like to help community transmission?

(The reality is that the government is slow to respond to the evidence and it hadn't assimilated that yet).

Since then better evidence (larger sample size) has emerged that vaccination DOES help prevent people passing it on.

But the government didn't know that when it made it's decision. So it wasn't the reason for the decision.

The NZ governmetn didn't think it was an issue at all about the invasiveness of the swab compared to saliva tests. Didn't feature in their decision making at all. Just don't care that something is invasive. Will decrease uptake. Will save costs!! Just stay home well, well, well.

I think that if you choose not to get vaccinated (yet) then it would be very very sensible to be careful and wear masks etc.

They are advising that, anyway.

But there's something to believing yourself / knowing yourself to be more vulnerable precisely because you haven't been vaccinated... That could well mean you are less likely to transmit it to others or catch it yourself as a result of that.




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