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Re: 'Magic mushrooms' grow in man's blood after inject

Posted by alexandra_k on February 9, 2021, at 17:48:32

In reply to Re: 'Magic mushrooms' grow in man's blood after inject, posted by Lamdage22 on February 9, 2021, at 14:10:17

I don't have journal article access because I'm not affiliated with a University so I can't access the article / read the article myself.

It just seems strange to me is all. News indeed, if they really did discover that.

Certainly news to me.

I am very interested in how fungus grows in the body... I have read in Pathoma or First Aid that it can grow in balls in the lungs. That there can be fungus there that has been walled off either by fibroblasts or by macrophage... Immune cells... Like how tubertulosis can survive in the lungs in a sort of dormant state. Then, when the person becomes immunocompromised the TB (or the fungus) can travel via the lymph or blood to a new region and create problems there. That these things both can sometimes mimic (or have similar fatal affects to or of) metastatic cancer of the lungs.

I was thinking that it seemed perfectly possible that a lot of cases of 'fatal lung cancer' particularly in under-developed parts of the world like NZ where autopsies aren't very regularly performed, I don't think, could actually be due to fungus balls from us living in our toxic mould mouldy housing...

I was interested in whether you can test for fungus in the blood...

I... I did not think that fungus could produce fruiting bodies inside a persons body...

THe underground fibres... I got this awful idea of them growing like roots in the lungs... ANd I wondered if they did...

The fungus that grows on the walls our our houses is this black sort of a... Slime or dusty mould. I don't think it produces visible fruiting bodies like magic mushrooms or like edible mushrooms... But I gues it must dissemate spores...

I guess other sorts of fungus... Like athletes foot or oral or vaginal thrush... But they are more like the slimy or dusty mould...

I have a hard time imaginging field mushrooms growing inside a person... And magic mushrooms are a kind of field mushroom I would have thought...

I imagine the original article would likely say what laboratory they used or who was responsible for the labs? Pretty sure psychiatry doesn't do it's own laboratory results any place in the world...

I would be interested in the precise laboratory finding. Very genuinely...




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