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countering antipsychotic 'blah'

Posted by Christ_empowered on December 8, 2020, at 0:23:18

ugh. it does appear...i need a neuroleptic, in my life. it is what it is.

thankfully, i don't seem to require a high dose or more than 1 at a time. i realize, now, that some people -do- require a high(ish) dose, some people do better on 2 at a time, etc.

my problem is that even though my 'atypical' life partner, abilify, is not as terrible as the others -for me- , i get...blahs. i mean, 20mgs is not as bad as 30mgs was, of course. 30mgs was over-kill, and getting down to 20 a) required a shrink willing to do it and b) took 3 months +/- for my brain to recalibrate. and so...

for now, at least, 20mgs it is, OK. I think its an appropriate dosage, probably maybe (?). thing is...

I've slimmed down the supplements, so now its a multi-vitamin, 2 b-100 tabs, 1000 IU natural form E, 6+/- grams C (no longer time release, and I also seem...well, healthier but also less able to mega-dose C).

thing is...blah. i don't know what to do about this, honestly. i don't know that a prescription is...worth it, at any level. wellbutrin adds a level of apathy at the dose that provides meaningful stimulation, plus...seizure risk. i don't do well with ssri drugs, long term, which may actually be for the best, I think.

a genuine stimulant is a no go. in general effect on psychiatrists seems to be such that I am encouraged to take antidepressants (frowning too much?), told to stay on the tranq forever and ever, amen (OK), and I get mild sedatives thrown my way...

nothing much in the way of improving concentration, etc. not that I expect a magic pill. I think a minor dosage reduction in the abilify might be better, but if I ask invariably I'll hear "lemme tell ya about a drug called (latest atypical HERE)," and that's fairly pointless.

supplements? DLPA was/is ok, on occasion. im remarkably...stable personality, no drugs or drink, just...blah. tranquilizers. this isn't quite the true 'tranquilizer psychosis' --no tremor, not so apathetic as to be truly problematic, thank goodness -- its just a not so bright mood, somewhat impaired concentration, also I get the sense that my anxiety levels actually go down a bit and my mood up a tad with less tranq floating around.

suggestions? anything? thanks. :-)




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