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Re: I can't take much more! Anxiety overwhelming! Psy-Naught

Posted by Englishman006! on December 7, 2020, at 4:59:24

In reply to Re: I can't take much more! Anxiety overwhelming! Englishman006!, posted by Psy-Naught on December 6, 2020, at 8:28:44

> > I've had it with my personality since I had a stroke 5 years ago. I thought I'd found the answer. I came off my blood pressure tablets and I have felt good for the last month. My sense of humour returned after it's long 5 year absence and other essential aspects of my character. Now I'm getting breakthrough anxiety and I can't tell where it's coming from.
> >
> > I have been toying around with the idea of taking the occasional diazepam to offset SSRI numbness. I have't abused them, I read on here somewhere that it works. I don't how easy it is to get addicted but I haven't had a script filled since the 4th of March this year. That was for 50 x 5mg. Does that sound like a lot to you? I've had breaks of say 4 or 5 days without.
> >
> > I take..
> >
> > 50mg (5x10) Dexamphetamine
> > 20mg Memantine (to offset the anxiety caused by Dex)
> > 300mg Lamotrigine
> > 20mg Fluoxetine
> > 30mg Mirtazapine
> > 50mg Amisulpride (started recently)
> >
> > The anxiety just creeps up on me while I'm watching a movie or whenever, like free floating anxiety. It started about a week ago. I started getting it really bad on Sunday when I suddenly felt fatigued, weak and nauseous. I thought I had covid, so I called the doc who sent me for a test. Straight after I was struggling to breath. Then I realised I was hyperventilating. I went home to bed but while I was laying there I wondered, was it all just anxiety. The test came negative btw. Since then I've struggled with it on and off.
> >
> > I broke down in front the doc today not knowing what to do. I am on all the meds that used prevent anxiety. I'm alright at night and I sleep well but come tomorrow who knows..?
> >
> > Should I try to hold out and leave the valium well alone?
> >
> > Thanks for any help or suggestions.
> >
> Sorry for being a little late on this. Btw, been a long time member but recently changed my username. Just so people know.
> I've been taking dexamfetamine for around 18 months. I've tried all sorts with it while dealing with social phobia, agoraphobia, depression & ADD.
> Personally, I rarely experience anxiety from the dex. I used to think I did but have since found it not to be the cause, or at least not a direct or single cause of any exacerbated anxiety.
> However, SSRIs have always worsened my anxiety, and the fogginess from Mirtazapine isn't good for anxiety either.
> But I often get 'sketchy' from the dex. I'm on 20-25mg am and 15mg noon. I also have a habit of not sleeping, so inevitably a few more are taken. In this case, I can get extremely 'sketchy' and it's not surprising! But I get it in the day too.
> The best medication antidote to this has been Quetiapine. So effective, not completely but it really does put a 'softener' on things. Mainly, it helps slow down mind chatter.
> Just want to point out quickly, the reason I like to stay up/not sleep is that it has a reliable stabilizing effect on my mood when my sleep gets out of sync and I'm waking up past noon and going to sleep around 1st light, which is currently 7-8 am here. Melatonin helps a little at 300mcg - the dose shown in more recent studies to be more effective than mg doses. But skipping a night's sleep helps to reset my circadian rythm with a lasting effect of sleep and mood improvement.
> Anyway, I find that initially just 100-200mg Quetiapine it a good starter initially, depending on how 'far' my minds gone. I then settle on just 50mg at night with my amitriptyline.
> May seem strange, but taking bupropion (Wellbutrin/Zyban) 300mg/day does not worsen my anxiety, and may even help it.
> At least for myself, it's not so much too many stimuli or inside tension which triggers much of my anxiety, rather it's the inability to focus and think straight which I find most uncomfortable, whether its social or more general anxiety I'm experiencing.
> I recently gave Lamotrigine another go but that didn't last. I also take clonazepam 4mg daily which still helps quite a bit. I've been on 4mg for a very long time with no 'need' to increase it. I've taken it maybe 16 years and once I found 4mg to be my optimal dose I've been at 4mg for at least 12 years. I'm not recommending it, just saying that it has helped. Instead of taking extra clonazepam, when I feel a need of an extra GABA hit I prefer to use valerian root extract, or rather a blend (created myself on a site that allows you to customize your own supplements - babblemail me for info). It is a particular mix of valerian, lemon balm, oat straw, L-theanine with 150mg magnesium. Taking more magnesium at one time can be a waste as it does not increase levels like you might think so it's better to spread the dose. That's what I've read. So I take it am and late pm, away from food on an empty stomach. I use magnesium citrate but bis-glycinate sounds better if you are willing to pay for it.
> One last thought. Have you considered Vyvanse? I didn't like it. L-lysine bound to the dex sounds ideal and sounds quite clever in its mode of action in creating a slow-release form of dex, but my experience is of a different effect than simply an extended-release dex. Others prefer it and as you feel that dex increases anxiety, it could be worth a shot. Maybe discuss it with your doc.
> Hope all is well ;~)

Hi, you'll be pleased to know I'm quite well now. However I tried cutting down on my low dose amisulpride but failed after about 2 weeks of 50mg (normal dose) to 25mg and back to 50mg alternating every day. So I'm back on 50mg every day. I'm also on mirtazipine 30mg which I take before bed. It certainly makes me sleepy, uncoordinated and increases my appetite. I used to take seroquel 25mg but stopped a while ago. I may reinstate it to replace the mirtazipine. It won't make dizzy at any rate.

Thank you for your concern, I hope you too are feeling well.






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