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Re: Has anyone here had COVID? Mental health changes?

Posted by MightyKondrian on August 6, 2020, at 20:05:05

In reply to Has anyone here had COVID? Mental health changes?, posted by PeterMartin on August 5, 2020, at 9:44:59

Firstly, I think the COVID 'thing' is a hoax. I'm not the only one.
I do not believe that nobody is getting ill from an infection, whether it is a virus or something else, but from what I've been seeing from afar, watching it all unfold and not being involved in it in any way, I do not believe there is a new 'novel' virus that has never met man before.

A quick example comes to mind: how easy would it be to 'choose' a new strain of a coronavirus which is known to mutate almost every year, and then call it COVID? Pretty darn easy I'd say. Then treat it like it is known NOT to be treated, mix it up with some Pneumonia (found in all hospitals - they're a breeding ground for it) and people drop like flies. But that didn't happen, did it(?). Then, they go literally 'crazy', as if in a mad rush to try this, that and the other in a desperate attempt to create a plan B. Nothing they do makes a bit of sense. You'd think they'd have a plan B, C and probably right up to Z plan, no?

Just look at people walking down an empty road with a fresh breeze in the air and wearing a mask. That is how easy it is to fool Joe public.

I have an advantage as I stopped watch crap in a box pre-2010.

I've not had a single second of worry, shop anywhere, everywhere. Don't use hand sanitizer (I need my germs), see transparency through everything related and can come up with endless easy possibilities that would explain it away. I've changed nothing in my routine, habits nor have I kept any unnecessary distance from anyone or anything. Admittedly, I did start taking Echinacea Angustifolia at 1st. And I mega dose lots of supps daily. I like to treat my self daily, and I receive back good general health for it. Not had an infection (which has made me ill) since I was 17, just before I started taking a multi and read tones of books on nutrition.

A power grab is what I DO see.

Forgive me, not an answer to the question at all. It's just so frustrating from my viewpoint that I can't NOT say something.

I do get sad for anyone who dies unnecessarily, so I have to watch what I say most of the time. But it is pure evil to tell a family that their loved one(s) died from a lie.

No ridicule and no offence intended.

(When I say them or they, I mean every string puppet currently governing a country, and who gave them that power? We all know who. Your neighbours, your friends, yourselves. I don't vote. I would if someone ever actually stood for freedom. How advanced are we when we are the only beings on the entire planet who have to PAY for food, water and shelter. The 3 things we need to exist. That or die? JEEZZ)

I'm sure there must be a COVID fansite somewhere who would be very happy to give you your answer. A million different answers.

My favourite song at the moment, I just can't stop playing? WAKE UP! by KORN

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