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Re: Choosing Between Mental and Physical Health

Posted by PCB on June 17, 2020, at 21:39:59

In reply to Re: Choosing Between Mental and Physical Health PCB, posted by SLS on June 17, 2020, at 8:30:11

> What dosage of lamotrigine are you taking? I see far too many people not taking at least 200 mg/day. For me, whenever I have tried to reduce the dosage from 300 mg/day to 200 mg/day, I relapse pretty hard. 200 mg/day seems to be the sweet-spot for most people.
> - Scott

60 mg of Nardil is where I feel good. But I also gain 50 lbs, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. So after feeling good for 3 months, my girlfriend will break up with me due to the weight gain and impotence. And my friend distance themselves with my weight gain. So I drop Nardil to 45 me where I am just barely able to work and add 3 cups of coffee for energy.

I did try Lamictal up to 300 mg with about 25% improvement. So after my 30+ medication trials, ECT, exercise .... I was left with Nardil 50 mg and 3 cups of coffee to just manage work. No friends, no girlfriends, no social life.

On my own, I added 450 lithium because that always seemed to help. I noticed to that if I took Lamictal 50 mg for 3 day I go a temporary boost, which faded away after 3 days. So I took the bus to work and I would bring crumbs of Lamictal about 10 mg each. 1 crumb in the morning okay, 2 better, 3 better and 4 worse.

So that is all the medication my doc have advised have failed me and I am always left to research and come up with my own concoctions. So for the last 10 years I have been on Nardil 50, Lamictal 37.5 to augment, lithium 450 to augment, ambien for nardils insomnia and Klonopin .5 for panic attacks.

And I am still only 25% improved from TMS induced depression for which the doc said it was impossible and that actually I better continue TMS so the depresssion does not get worse. I feel so wronged by that doctor.

So Im giving it one more week to hopefully fade, but I honestly though 1 weeks after the last TMS would have resolved my symptoms. Really the only solution god forbid with be ECT again. Nardil did stop working when I was always changing the dose and after a year, stopped working. ECT was the only thing that saved me.

Wish pdoc spent a little more time and effort with our cases. I feel I have alittle bipolarity and day 1 and 2 TMS agitation was probably a little up swing and then day 3 til now Im in a downswing. I gave the pdoc all my information on a silver platter to help her make my treatment decisions easier. But she seem to focused on getting me TMS and billing and forgetting me. I think this depression will where off, but if not I will probably need ECT which could have been provented if the pdoc take an extra 5 minutes each day to check on me. Actually she did need to, I contacted her to tell her what was going on and she still did not make appropriate medical decisions.

So unfortunately many of my questions go unanswered here at pbabble except for a few kind souls. I guess I am back to being a guinea pig, doing my own research, collecting my own data and advocating for thinks I never ever never would have imaged like ECT ..... just to feel 70%.

I wish everyone here the best of luck and hope you dont have to concoct you own treatment, tell TMS doctors when to stop, when to do right sided and when medications are appropriate.




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