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Adult ADHD Success Stories /w NE booster + Stims

Posted by Alkaline78 on May 27, 2020, at 17:18:57

Hey All, I'm wondering if there are some ADHD people out there who wouldn't mind sharing any successes they've had with medications that increase Norepinephrine, (NE) levels, in conjunction with stimulants/cocktails including stimulants, for treatment of their ADHD.

I've been treated with a combo of Vyvanse, (and Dexedrine IR PRN), Trintillex + Rexulti, plus Wellbutrin for about six years. The Wellbutrin definitely gave me more motivation at first, and helped me feel more 'on top' of things, but it also caused anxiety. I'm pretty sure it interacted adversely with the Vyvanse, as a partial 2D6 blocker. I take a high dose of Vyvanse, but even as a, (presumably) fast metabolizer of 2D6 substrates, I could feel the medication "backing-up" in my system if I took full doses of all my meds for more than about five days consecutively, necessitating a 1 day medication holiday, every five days, (roughly).

I stopped taking Wellbutrin about 6 months ago, because of the anxiety, and medication "build-up" described, and while those side effects are gone, I feel pretty listless and unmotivated, definitely not in ideal condition to look for a promising job, (6 more credits to graduate), and perform optimally at work.

I've been reading that levo-milnacipran, and some tricyclics are alternative NE boosting agents, and I'm interesting to hear if anyone with ADHD on a comparable medication cocktail has tried these, (especially desipramine or nortryptaline), as an adjunct to their stimulant+ regime, and if so, how well did it work?

To make things more complicated, I'm still having trouble sleeping, which could be that my dose of Vyvanse at 160 mg is too high, but much lower, and the drug doesn't allow me to concentrate adequately. My former pdoc told me that when the optimal regimen of medications is found, the brain circuitry is sufficiently stimulated, such that many sleep problems dissipate.

I'm hoping that if I am able to sort out the NE issue, (a blood test has indicated I have low levels of NE), that I'll be able to sleep before 3 AM, potentially with a decrease in the vyvanse dosage, as is necessary. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for everyone's input!




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