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diazepam reverses the effects of amphetamine

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 18, 2019, at 16:10:56

finally i've figured it out, after a while of feeling calm but apathetic, diazepam reduces dopamine levels, but .. people take for anxiety and it works well, i mean past generations tons of it, but reduces or elminates the effects of stimulant, or amphetmaine, i've gotten on websites looking on why diazepam causes this apatheic feeling, it has to be at higher doses to have a pleasant, or just very caln feeling. Alrazolam - it has antidepressant effectsm and it increases dopamine and hits D2 receptors in the brain, this is why xanax is so widley enjoyed and abused. Lorazepem ... all rerenber was it relaxed, it took off this heavy feeling tension, and it was like a relief. Clonazepam is very potent, and it makes me depressed as hell. After reseaerching last night i found this article

its calming but it reduces dopamine levels, diazepam does not have anti-dressant eeffects like lorazepam or alprazolam. It reduces tension and anxiety combined and provides a calming effect. Hency the benzo 'diazep' ine (diazepam) its the general benzo there is. Then they started modifying benzos to have different effects. But if you take to reduce anxiety on like adderall or dexedrine, it will reverse it's effect, lorazepam and alprazolam seemed to work ok with reducing anxiety with dexedrine, but diazepam reverses the effects. So if your thinking it will take the edge off, it reduces or reverses d-amphetamine effect.

i don't like diazepam, it makes apathetic calm. But right now it's the only thing i can take for anxiety, yes it does lower anxiety, definitely, has muscle relaxant effects, but certain doses it causes apathy. The general max dose is 40mg, and im sure at higher doses it has pleasant or better effects, but i take usually 5-10mg, daily. There's relief, but at 10mg, say i didn't take it during the day, and took it for sleep, ill just be apathetic calm and sleepy.

anyways just wanted to share that info....

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