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Re: stimulants for treatment-resistant depression? Christ_empowered

Posted by pedr on August 16, 2019, at 16:01:58

In reply to Re: stimulants for treatment-resistant depression?, posted by Christ_empowered on August 16, 2019, at 15:41:45

> i was reading some David Healy material...

that's funny. My dad knows him a little bit as they both worked at the same hospital in North Wales ( , ). He even asked Healy some stuff upon my behalf.

> he recalled a patient whose depression responded to Dexamyl (dexedrine+amytal, a barbiturate-type sedative, once quite popular). The 'goof-balls' still get a bad name, but...

I pray to see stimulants become "the next ketamine" i.e. the next drug that the establishment rediscovers is actually a very good antidepressant that was thrown out with the bathwater due to knee-jerk policy.

> from reading over Healy's material, it seems that dosage escalation wasn't all that common, and true abuse was not frequent, either. This person/patient held steady at the same dose of Dexamyl for years...

Right. I'd love to get another 20mg to cover another hour of my day but my PDoc won't budge. I "get it" but it also pisses me off no end. What actual harm would 80mg do that 60mg isn't already doing?

> and then, the DEA decided that uppers (especially combined with downers) were bad news, and the medical establishment also came to badmouth the stimulants for depression. I'm guessing that's when doctors began to draw an (artificial, more sociopolitical than medical) line between "real" treatments and mere "pep pills," etc.

Yup. It's a tragedy that sounds all too familiar. Think MAOI's, LSD, Ketamine...

> not that uppers for depression are always the best idea (clearly, your doctor thinks it is for you, right now...), Szasz often points out, psychiatry runs a lot on dogma and trends in prescribing, social changes, legal factors, etc....not bona fide medicine, healing, etc.

Yup and a lot of CYA thrown in, tragically. A lot of PDocs are just too scared to prescribe what they really believe would help in my case I suspect.

> anyway...
> --personal experiences-- have led me to believe that Ritalin, focalin are probably better for long term use than amphetamines. the crash is generally less severe, tolerance seems to be less of an issue, and ritalin seemed to play nicely with the other psych drugs (or at least...better than amphetamines...).

Well YMMV as they say as I haven't observed that personally. Concerta/ritalin "pooped out" almost completely in terms of lifting my mood whereas Adderall hasn't. Fully. Yet. Sigh.
Don't get me wrong, I frikking hate feeling human for 1-hour patches 3 times a day and feeling hopelessly dependent on a stimulant. But it's the best arrangement I've found. Pretty fucking tragic when I write it down.

> ok. i just mentioned dexamyl, yet again, to point out that combining uppers and downers is not necessarily a bad thing, its actually an old approach.
> hope this helps. :-)

Well it may not have helped (it's not like I can get Dexamyl prescribed...) but it certainly was an interesting post. Thank you.


I love the smell of Abilify in the morning. The smell, you know that chemical smell. Smells like victory. Some day this war's gonna end...
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