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Re: Compounding pharmacy for enteric coated nardil? swoody

Posted by myco on March 26, 2009, at 21:04:14

In reply to Compounding pharmacy for enteric coated nardil?, posted by swoody on March 26, 2009, at 16:41:50

Welcome to Babble Swoody,

So youve just begun Nardil...good stuff, that med. I'm at about 4 months on Nardil. Currently taking 75mg.

Couple suggestions for you and I am aware of the long-drawn-out debate over new and old Nardil.

First off, you have no experiences (neither do I) with the old my first point would be to just give Nardil a try without messing around just yet. Once or if it begins to "fail" for you in terms of efficacy then begin to start looking at options before you ditch it...i.e. the compounder like you mentioned.

ok...first you probably know you can't buy empty enteric capsules very easily I think. The best option there would be to buy some cheap enteric capsule product and empty it out, crush the nardil and fill them and then the only problem is the "seal" has to be enteric coated itself...not sure "licking" or simply wetting with alkaline liquid would be enough but mabye. Try if you like.

You can also buy enteric coating will find it at companies who sell to pharmaceutical companies and similar. There are even lil pill kits and enteric coating liquid for use with them.

Compounding pharmacy is an option, albeit a very expensive can have them coat your new nardil for you sure...but again cost may be large.
Remember also, if you really want to chase this idea - I dont recommend it until a last resort though as the med works fine for me, you can search online for the monograph of the old nardil then get the monograph of the new nardil...take them both into compounding pharmacy with you nardil or rx for them and explain the difference....the old has different "ingredients" so if you wanna "match" it as you say you can ask them to take out the phenelzine from the nardil and "remake" the old using it's ingredients....but again to me this sounds bloody expensive and not worth it until you try that new nardil.

You may also experiment, although be careful, with nardil. You can use other meds or supplements/herbs that will increase absorption and distribution, efficacy etc of nardil in your body. I played a bit once but got unlucky and mixed something I shouldnt have with nardil and had a bit of an anxiety/panic do be careful. MAOI's are not the category of meds you want to play with if you must play.

So ya...before you go this route...just give it shot. It works fine. And to let ya know, just to settle this debate:
The old wasn't enteric coated anyway to my knowledge. I did a little investigating if I remember and looked up each and every compound individually that was in the formulation and none of it was all was available to stomach dissolution.

To best increase your odds for availability...know that nardil likes alkaline conditions that best to be dissolved yes in the intestine would be best but not needed. Take nardil on an empty stomach (if you dont get nauseous - just try) and take it with alot of water no food no juice just water. No food will prevent stomach acid buildup (less acidic conditions) plus all that water will dilute the stomach acid already there alot making conditions more ideal. I do this and yes I do notice a difference than when I take it with food. Give nardil a good 45mins in your stomach with only water no food then eat or have coffee or whatever.

Many new user do attempt to go this way....thinking about this old worn out debate...dont worry about it yet. I find it bollocks anyway. I do understand, from others, there is something different....but it's the inert ingredients in nardil tabs that the issue. There are compounds in there that help "swell" the pill as it's being dissolved...some help nardil "break up" better into it's powder from the solid tab, others toy with pH to help absorption then there are binders and compounds like buffers etc. It's complicated and not worth thinking about until many months down the road.



> Hello! First post here... so I figured I'd get my virgin post over with:) First a little background... I was recently prescribed Nardil for depression/social phobia, and have read this would be a good option for someone with rejection sensitivity. I was not looking to be inebriated or anything major, just something to help make my exposure therapy a little smoother and alleviate my depression better than all the other antidepressant drug crap classes. I went through a divorce about a year and a half ago and am trying to start a new life, make new friends, etc... I have been clinically depressed for some time and have run the gauntlet of SSRI/SNRIs, TCAs, Benzos, etc... I was wondering if anyone knew of a pharmacy or could post me a link where I could get my prescription Nardil compounded with an enteric coat or capsule, as I have read a lot of complaints about the post-2003 Phizer formulation. I just want it to work close to the original formula and get the most for my $$. Thanks!




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