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maths word problems

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:02:09

i suppose it is vaguely interesting how they gaslight the words until the only right answer to the 'maths question' of several paragraphs of text is something along the lines of the final solution. Right?

they say it's a maths problem.

but really it's a demonstration of psychopathy, is what it is.

it started with this idea about asking the people of the tribe some stupid question about the leader of the other tribe and how many wives he had. and the people thought the question was stupid and did not want to play that game. speculating about stupid things that were not important at all. and then they wrote up their unwillingness to play stupid word games as evidence they were not capable of thinking hypothetically or reasoning about things they could not see.

and they went -- that's just brilliant. We can roll out exactly these same kinds of stupid questions for all the eudcation systems of the world!!! and feel superior and smug that our our children have been trained to roll their eyes quietly (biding their time, biding their time, biding their time).


those who are good at being so good... at making the people who come up with stupid questions feel so clever and so superior... those are the ones who will lead humanity into the future!! everything it is that we value!!


Re: maths word problems

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:09:29

In reply to maths word problems, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:02:09

because they won't do the word problems around things like perimeter and area that make sense. they won't introduce algebra properly.

not until they have forced them into dropping out because no matter how you answer the question about the expenses involved in some stupid trip your answer will be written up as wrong.

not numerically... but because there are many many different ways to solve the problem.. . whichever way you choose to do it, the teacher will write on your paper that you did not do it the way they wanted you to.

because you are required to be wrong.

because you have been chosen to clean chris hipkins toilet for minimum wage intergenerationally.

or whatever.

because that's what education is for.


and if we could programme a automaton to clean chris hipkinos toilet.. then someone would need to figure out something equally demeaning... that's the way they view it. that's the point of it, you see... the whole point or purpose is that there be postions in life that are percied by tohs ein power to be undesirable and demeaning. to be handed out to people who aren't suitably sucking up and so on. to people who say things that they do not wnat to hear. they only want to hear themselvs. their own echo chamber of themselves.

that wasn't me. I applied to be enrolled in medicine. i wanted to be seeing actual patients. i wanted a social services job. they choose for me that they would rather keep me isolated on disability. no classes for me. no cohort for me. no job for me. this is what htey have chosen witih all of their power that i am to do with my life. curl up and die is wha they most want. of course. I'm too old now the pedophiles don't find me sexually desirable anymore. my only value as a homo sapiens in new zealand (the world apparently) is gone.


i'm realy glad that i did not have a kid. i wouldnt' voluntarily choose to bring another life into this f*ck*ng mess or hell hole.

i guess they get to gloat about that too. how they had children so that they would have something for htemslves to eat if things became hard for thsemselves at some point.


Re: maths word problems

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:25:37

In reply to Re: maths word problems, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 21:09:29

otago even gave me the wrong book for STats!!

We had a homework work book.

and some of the homework exercises were differnt in my book. different from everyone else in teh classes, apparently.

the book they gave me. i handed my student ID card to the office and they gave me my tutorial book.

my tutorial book had problems or questions in it that were different from the contents or the instructions. so i couldnt' answer the questions on the basis of the content i was given.

i struggled quite a lot for 3 days over a long weekend to do the problems. it was maybe 3/4 of the eway through the course when thigngs are most intense.

then i went to speak to a tutor about how i was struggling.

i needed to see a couple they were blowing me off.

eventually (after a coupld hours trying to get to speak to one of them) they said that the sections of my book werent' actually the content for how to answer the questions for the homework assignmetn.

so they gave me the content i was supposed to have. they said they would give me more time and extention on my homework task because it was a big task and most people had spent the long weekend on it...


i guess this is why people work soooooo hard to get to go to the univesrity of otago...

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