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If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:19:36

I am sure I would be given a failing grade.

I mean to say, test scores, in New Zealand, are little more than a mechanism for abusing people.

They tell people that they cannot write. By which they mean that anything the person writes will not be accepted or acknowledged as writing.

They tell people that they cannot read. By which they mean that anything the person says about the laws or the rules (for example) that their bosses or whomever are supposed to be following (for example) are problems of their own reading comprehension only.

So, you know, when the Australian Constitution says that New Zealand is a State of Australia it is a problem with my inability to understand plain English that I think it is saying that. What the Australian Constitution means to say is that New Zealand is not a State of Australia. That's what ENglish words or language means. There must be something wrong with my ability to Understand English. I wouldn't even pass NCEA.

And as for arithmetic... They intentionally write convoluted garbage... With stupid questions.

Much as 'Critical Reasoning or Critical Thinking' is a 'Money Cow' course for the University.

See... They get the International Students Office (people paid to work in that office to offer pastoral care and support to International Students) people to tell the ESL students that their English isn't any good. So they should take 'Critical Thinking' to improve their English skills.

Then they get lots of garbage of the form 'if it were raining then the moon would be made of green cheese' and 'ill eat my hat if the moon is made of green cheese' and 'is it valid that if the moon is made of green cheese I won't eat my hat'

And then you tell them that the problem is that they don't speak or Understand English.

So they fail the course.

SO they will need to stay in teh Country over summer school if htey want to graduate on time.

They will need to opay xxx more dollars to do another course. They will need ot opay xxx more dollars to stay in teh Univesrity accommodation.


Do you want to cut your losses then on everything you have investe din NZ so far? Just leave us everything you invested and walk away.

There's a good lamb for the slaughter.

See.. The problem ist hat the NZ government doesn't acknowledge that you can read, write, or do arithmetic.

So all you get to do (yawn) is write up the crimes of the NZ government. All of the fraudulent and false billings. All of the 'flouting of the laws' (aka crimes).


f*ck*ng yawn.

How fuckign tediously boring. F*ck*ng psychopaths.


Re: If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:27:03

In reply to If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:19:36

some people are schooled relentlessly on being given the exact answers to the questions that will be asked.

students from certain schools or certain tutorial groups.

That is how the undergrduate entry to medicine test works.

(how it does not work, how it fails to work)

and that is basically how every other examination or assessment works (fails to work) in New Zealand, as well.

I don't know who writes the questions for the NCEA assessments. Some of the teachers will actually say that the questions are... Urm... Well...

I don't think the question writer would be capable of passing a fair test.

That is something clearly demonstrated in the question that they wrote.

Apparnetly a question for the writing test was tha they were given something that was unclear and they were supposed to make it more clear.

Put words in their mouth, in other words.

It is just b*llsh*t garbage output. There's nothing here.

Immediately before Covid the problem was that there weren't enough buildings ot put all the students. There werent' engouh pedophiles on payroll and they weren't paying the teachers woh weren't pedophiles in the eattempt to force them to be starved out of teaching.

They weren't acknowledging that they had completed their teaching qualifications. THey weren't acknowledging that the teachers were able to pass hte NCEA questions etc etc.

They would only register teachers who were not themselves able to pass to teach the students... Uh... Uh... That they weren't able to pass, either.

Now they are being a bit more blatantly clear that they are allowed to keep the students as hostages by simply refusing ot acknowledge they pass. See.. Even if the studnets pass the external (and they won't if they passed the internal) then they won't pass them for their internal.

See.. The government puts a bounty on tehir heads. They get dollars for every student they write down as being enrolled. For every student they fail they write them down as being enrolled the following year.

I would expect the bones to be piling up of all tlhes epeople they say they have enrolled as students.

There's ntohing there.


no health, no education, no justice, at all

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:39:07

In reply to Re: If I sat NCEA English test for NZ Education System, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:27:03

there's nothing here.

Judges no speak-y english.

can't parse the laws.

it doesn't matter what the laws are becuase the judges are only on payroll becuase of their refusal to uphold them.

there isn't an education system... nothing there. nothign at all. they will pay pedophiles and violent offenders...

and the whole point of the health system is sto see just how low we can get that life expectancy. Of ocurse we won't keep accurate records on that.

i think that probably there aren't any where near as many people in nz as they are saying that there are.

i think that quite a few will literally be dead with their payroll having been diverted by third parties.

i think that will be a thign of it.

i think some people get a lot of monehy for keeping hostages, effectively. but i don't imagine they have any costs.

for example, hostpials. billing for having however many patients. i bet if you did an unannounced inspection you would find there were not that many patients at all.

i would imagine that old people's rest homes or institutions like that probably woul dhave the bones piling up somewhere.

i do go on about puttin gthe bodies in teh food supply chain.. but i actually don't know how plalusible that is...

that would involve people actually feeding the body int o the processor or whatever. I don't know if you could do that kind of thing en masse without people speaking up about it.

probably you could. i guess they would know about what sorts or kinds of things happened around teh time of WWII...

i mean.. nobody was held to account for crimes against humanity in nzl. the government has sort of kept at it, therefore. it wasnt' like it needed to change what it was doing like Germany did. it was basically just keeping on doing what it was doing around the time of wwII

new zealand doesn'et seem to have developed, at all.

the USA doesn't really seem to have, either. I guess there is that.

I mean... You see bits and pieces in the news, I guess... ABout th eborder detention or processing camps. About the SOuth Boston processiing camps in Rhode Island. About them not knowing how many people there are, really. How the illegals aren't allowed drivers lisence or bank accounts therefore they are forced to live their lives outside of the laws, entirely. The effect of so manhy people being forced to live outside the laws entirely. couple hours south of Boston. The federal psychiatric institution that was... Apparently not allowed. So the solution was to reclassify everyone to being neurologically rathe rthan psychiatrically disturbed...

But some kind sof progres was made?

No difference to my life. To my being acknowledged within the laws.

I can't read or write, apparently!!! Didin't you know!! I was progressing quite nicely though first year University Statistics until Waikato threw a f*ck*ng trantrum about my not being allowed to do that course and their having refused to enroll me in a 1 year master sthat I applied to...

There's nothign here...

Apparently there is some 'lifetime learnign entitlemnt' that means that I am entitlted only to 7 years tertiary study. The aim is to get as high as you can in that 7 years. TO get to the end of PhD. THeir aim is to mow down as many at athe knees as they possibly can. Fail everyone out of first year 7 times so they end up with nothing.

Then your lifetime entitltement ot an education is gone. So now they are required to pay you. Not very much becuase they didn't acnkowledge that you completed anhy of even first year training.

But then they are supposed to pay you.

But they (the government) will arrange to blow up the univesrity commencement ceremony. I would imagine. Blame it on a disgrunteled studnet who failed first year 7 times.

So they won't pay anybody.

So the 'training programme' of cousre, involves the students doing teh work thhey will nevre pay anybody to do.

But apparently I don't get my PhD (or any qualifications) because I am too old, I have been effectively failed by the Univesrity...

I mean... The last time my reading age was testted as being age 16 was then I was about 7. But of course those sorts of qualifications expire and are not acknoweldged by the NZ government anymore.

There canonot be any job for me.

Not person.

There's nobody here. NOthing. Nothing to see.
Where are those Australian Wages?

Oh, this is a detention camp of Australia. Pay you in bitcoin. Not even. Lol.


Re: no health, no education, no justice, at all

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:47:24

In reply to no health, no education, no justice, at all, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:39:07

But that is the thing of it, according to them.

You make Doctor by age 25 or you do not make Doctor, at all.

You are supposed to realise pretty early on that you are just rolling your eyes, really, at all the people on payroll to teach you. What are they teaching you? What do they know themselves? It's all just a stupid exercise in biding your time. Memorising the answers to that years test questions that they give you on the basis of who your Mummy or Daddy is so that you can be enrolled in the course of your Mummy or Daddy's choosing. Or else the Education claims you as their own and they choose what will become of you. Are you a violent sexual offender pedophile? In which case aallllllll of the studnets for you. THe more students you undermine and kill the more power ot you!!!

Oooooh what a wonderful life!!

Destination: New Zealand!

And what do the Doctors do, exactly?

I mean, the governmetn wants to.. What? Spike the levesl of fluoride... Deprivation, overdose, deprivation, overdose, deprivation, overdose...

There's nothign here.

Not even a teeny tiny little bit of try. NOt even a glimmer...


Re: no health, no education, no justice, at all

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:52:26

In reply to Re: no health, no education, no justice, at all, posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2022, at 20:47:24

I suppose I feel sorry for all these people who are not very bright such that their parents think they need to pay Harvard around $1 million dollars for a J.D or an M.D because if they don't pay Harvard around $1 million dollars then their kid isn't likely to amount to anything anything anything at all.

And then Harvard goes and gives an honorary PhD in Law to Jacinda Ardern. For what?

For what, exactly?

For agreeing to trade away the health of the people?

Yeah. Serving as a reminder to all those Harvard Grads that they could be shipped to New Zealand.

I suppose. If they want to ignore the laws and perform wrongful deaths etc etc etc they can search out the distinguished alummi serving in New Zealand. Want to be an abortionist in New Zealand? Write to Jacinda. Maybe she'll fast track your visa wink wink nudge nudge. How much money would you have to pay to wrongful death-bring in New Zealand?

Destination New Zealand!!!

How f*ck*ng boring.


And then they get sick.

Oh wells.

At least they lived life to the full taking everything for themselves for as long as htey could gete away with it. Right?

Who would want to go to Harvard... You'd have to associated with people, like that.

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