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another victory for govt psych services agenda

Posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2022, at 6:28:09

so, apparently a person presents 'threatening' suicide.

that's what people do.

they don't present 'asking for help'. no, it is interpreted as a threat (tantamount to suicide bombing) 'threatening' suicide. that's what people do.

and so the 'psychiatrist' on staff says that they aren't going to section the person for 'involuntary treatment order' because if they did that -- then they wouldn't ask for help anymore.

but, of course, that's not what the 'psychiatrist' on staff was supposed to say, or do.

the issue... was a 5 day hold in order to assess whether further treatment was required... they could have put a treatment order in at that point. or not.

treatment orders are required for the possibility of treatment.

something about international standards and international conventions. that the government is required that is to say *required* to treat people who have a *treatment order* signed by a psychiatrist.

which is why we dont' have psychiatrists.

because we don't believe in treatment orders.

or social services.


so... it's a problem, then... for the judiciary.

who is supposed to assertain that people are fit to stand trial before trial.

but there are no psychiatrists.

because psychiatrists cannot function in nzl.

and we don't acknowledge their qualifications (unless they say what our management / admin wants them to say) which is to say... they cannot function in nzl.

so, anyway... after the psychiatrist says they are forced with this false dichotomy between forcing a treatment order and releasing so they release so he can cry cry cry for help another day...

(only to suicide and ever ask for help again)

but they could have put a 5 day assessment hold on him.

where it is explained to him the stakes.

if he wants treatment then he needs to give them reason to give a treatment order for him

(then they can keep him and treat him however they like)

but instead he was discharged (apparently so he could cry for help another day)

and suicided.

so then he won't.

so victory!!

that's one less person asking for social services.

ta da.

that psychiatrist student struck off the register person earned their keep.

wouldn't you say?

one new zealander down.

he won't be crying for social services another day.

anybody who reads the story will be suitably motivated and inspired NEVER to ask for social services in nzl.

just kill yourself already. what part of that is difficult, citizens of nzl.

just 'threaten' suicide again.

we can arrange for murder, at that point, with impunity. that's what they wanted -- right?


nobody expects any different of or from them at that point.

would you like to come to nzl all voluntary like?


are you quite sure?

best do what your government says (when they say it then). let nzl be a lesson to you!!

soft power for the win!!


oh, come now, silly sausage!!

Posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2022, at 6:36:15

In reply to another victory for govt psych services agenda, posted by alexandra_k on April 27, 2022, at 6:28:09

that's not how it is, at all!!!

see, the govt contracts to people who are not the responsibility of the governemtn because they were subcontracted...

and then it's just soooooooooooooooo cmopetitive that in order to win the subcontract they did anything anything anything anything anything anything why, they did anyting anything at all....

it's not the governemnts fault.

that the minister of everything with all the portfolios couldn't all by himself think of a fairer way or a fairer system. we all understand why we pay him we pay him we pay him we pay him we pay so that he doesn't even know what tax rate he's on. apparently he doesn't even know the difference between australian and new zealand tax law and he doesn't even know enough to do the things that mean he doesnt' pay taxes in new zealand. that's how disingenuous and focused on the interests of the people he serves he is.

so motivating and inspiring... sooooooooo motivating and inspiring...

not even the littlest tiniest teeniest bit of italian or whatever f*ck*ng suit checks and stripes i do anything anything anything i like....

david parker.

attorney general. ashley bloomfield in the law sector. wheres una jagose ya side kick? busy destroyign the evidence? as usual then? arranign for 'conflicted out' by paying govt prosecutors and so on...

ntohign nothing nothing at all...

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