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let's play the 'who is incompetent' game

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:42:06

because that really makes the whole world better.

let's consider the work i did in 1 year...
and let's consider the work that my supervisor did in 1 year...
since what's required for 'university' be that everyone is required to be engaged in and engaging in this little activity called 'research'.

how long did it take kim sterelny to write the Jean Nicod lecture and turn it into a book? Was that a 1 year project, a 2 year project, or a 3 year project?

I'm not actually sure. But let's state what it was (how much money was he paid) and let's compare that to the work that I did over a comparable period...

Now, you would expect his work to be of CONSIDERABLY and VASTLY higher quality than me. his beign full professor and all and my being that of working on my PhD.

Consider the quality of his reasoning. Consider the evidence that he offers and the quality of that evidence (including where some of the labs have subsequently been shut down because of dodgey lab practices where students felt forced to make up or maipulate or fabricate data).

I say those thigns specifically because those are the sorts of 'we say them because we think they are most subjective where nobody can prove or disprove so that we can say whatever we like with impunity' so let's consider those things comparatively, then.

Again, we would expect his work to be of higher quality. I'm not doubting that it is. But I'm saying my work isn't that bad. His work was speculative. ANd that's okay. It was opinionated and a bit one sided. It was telling a narrative for a point or purpose. And that's okay. People can disagree and that's okay.

My supervisor from Waikato did in fact say that his work was 'sh*t'. And that she wouldn't have passed it if it was a PhD.

Which says more about her than anything else.

I'd like to see what things she has failed. And what things she has passed if she thinks she would have failed 'the evolved apprentice'.

I think she also said she passed everyting that came her way. All of the external things she had examined. She passed all of them.

But then she said that that was because she believed they wouldnt' have come to her if the supervisor didn't want to see them passed. And the univesrity. So she thought her job as external examiner was to pass the work because everybody wanted it passed or it wouldn't have come to her. So,then, she was not (and has not ever) being doing her job properly as external examiner. She hasn't been externally examining the studnets for academic quality and merit...

And apparently if she had have been engaging in that process. She would have failed a book from a professor at australasias leading research institution.

SO lets' take a little look at her own research output over the 2 years that she required me to work for her, then.

What's that?


Not so much as a talk to the department / a conference talk.

No work output, then.

I wasn't invited to come along and say what I thought about the quality of her work.

Sounds legit. Don't it??


my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:51:55

In reply to let's play the 'who is incompetent' game, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:42:06

i have been thinking on that some more...

about how i said that some of my supervisors work was very eloquent and seemingly disconnected from how he was in person. wondering if they were the same person...

i now remember many instances that showed or demonstrated to me that the person before me was, likely, the same person. capable of the same insights and eloquence. the same subtlety of reasoning and so on.

there were enough of those and enough of that for me to see that he was very capable.

i always said that he had a bit of a (from my perspective) strange kind of mind. different from mine in the way that he thinks / amps up / gets going. a different way of working and a different kind of editorial process. we were not a good match. i didn't really know how to show people work in progress in a way that they were able to contribute much to the development of the work. i was used to working very very independently. he was more used to collaborative work. but the evolved apprentice was his own individual (sole authored) work.

i also understand that the earlier stuff is easier to be... modular. tightly reasoned or argued. because the less you know the easier it is to be linear and modular and so on. when you have acquired more knowledge... your ideas get a bit more... wholistic. and it's harder to convey or explain a world view... so the earlier stuff seems more highly technical, highly polished. 'smarter' in some sense. tighter. independnetly understandable. things like that.

i mean... i would say that the evolved apprentice is to his earlier work as 'disability and equity in medicine and public health' (aka: the enlightened apprentice, or perhaps the enslaved apprentice) is to my earlier work during my first masters degree or my honors work or even my phd work where i was only allwed to write 2 pages.

it gets to be embarrassing that they don't sign people off when they should have...

my first masters... could have been handed to externals for phd and they likely would have given me enough to expand / double to complete the phd one year later.

but nobody suggested i do that. because, you know. they'd rather keep me enslaved.


Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:54:03

In reply to my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter..., posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:51:55

i'm sure my supervisor got shut down because she got bullied into being shut down by the university admin.

so they wouldn't be promoting her etc.

they give her heavy teaching load of the courses they tehmselves call the 'money cow' courses. the idea being to scramble the grades (show them that hard work does not pay off) to induce fears of failure and supplication behavior...

berate them that they are stupid and dont speak english well enough.

but the grading rubric / tasks / content does not allow people to do well via natural ability and hard work.

i'ts particularly there to drive the asian students crazy (given their work ethic)


Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 21:02:04

In reply to Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter..., posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:54:03

it's particularly there to contribute towards the prevention and prohibition of students completing a 3 year degree in 3 years.

by failing them...

the thought is that they will stay on for summer school.

so instead of them flying home over christmas they will pay for more accommodation and more time spent in new zealand.


that too. they are bad studnets. they should be afraid they will fail or flunk out entirely.

they will take seriously what few courses they were given good grades in, also, and pursue those subjects or majors only.

that way the 'money cow' first year course also serves to scare teh asian studnets, particularly, away from philosophy. they won't do plato or locke berkely hume or whatever... they will go do the subjects the university wants them to do. typically science because those course cost more. the university charges them more to do those kinds of courses.


and then there will be other ways of getting another... well... being 1 course short so they can't complete the 3 year degree in 3 years (even with summer school added). they will need to pay for more time in nz. they will need to opay for more courses for their degree.

they will need to apply for visa extensions. apparently. i didn't think of / realise that.

they will need to pay for medical certificates. to check they don't have tuberculosis etc. i don't know how much they need to pay for medical certificates that the nz government / university will acknowledge.

they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay...

but now i htink the internatioal studnets are in teh process of going away...

because we wouldn't work towards growing the university genuinely with integrity. turning 3 year degrees with high quality contents (graded fairly rewarding natural ability and hard work and genuine motivation and interest) into 4 year degrees where people choose to sign up or invest in them.

instead of try and force people to slave for 4 years over not even 3 years of content...




ruined it for us all.


Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 21:04:42

In reply to Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter..., posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 21:02:04

i mean, why the f*ck would asian students want to come here to study science?

we aren't exactly renowned for excelling in the sciences.

and now we are renowned for not having the arts.


nothing to see here,people, nothing home.

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