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Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 7:23:02

i wasn't sure how much waikato's refusal to acknowledge i completed the masters was about the content of the masters (if they got confused between *liking* or even *agreeing* with what i was saying and the issue of whether the thesis was acceptable as a masters thesis to internationally accepted standards of scholarship)..

vs how much it was about doing whatever they thought they needed to do or whatever they thought it would help for them to do in order to ensure that i not get to study medicine with auckland.

the auckland lawyers... muttered something... when i was saying that i provided auckland with all the information they needed to judge my completion for themselves -- the thesis, the regulations, the reports of examiners and fact they did not return the thesis, the fact that i supplied a substantively updated thesis within 10 weeks that was substantively updated in ways required by the examiers...

she said it was about medicine.

they weren't acknowledging the completion of the masters for the purpose of keeping me out of medicine.

don't get me wrong, i'm sure that they would have kept me out of medicine even if i lied about why i wanted to complete the masters. if i pretended that i wanted to do a shorter project before opening up a fish shop... auckland still would have insisted on lying about my GPA so as to tell me that i just wasn't good enough academically for their highly valued programme.

but they were thinking particularly about keeping me out of medicine that they wanted to discredit me so, by saying i didn't even have the capacity to do a masters.

the thing of it, really, is that they wanted me to spend the rest of my days sucking up sucking up sucking up sucking up to get credit for a phd in philsophy. so that i would never ever ever be paid to work in that field.

so i'd be forced, effectively, to basically do as i'm doing now... write and hand it over and write and hand it over and write and hand it over... f or no credit.

so that other people can take my ideas and respond to them or write them into their own work that they get credit for and so on and nobody acknowledge or pay me.

they thought that would be good slave-work for me.

never medicine. that was slave-work for other people to sign the forms that say 'no treatment for this person' and 'discharge no treat' and 'organ donor' and 'brain dead' and 'it's probably a virus so there's nothing we can do (no labs, no medication)' and so on...


Re: d

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 7:38:32

In reply to d, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 7:23:02

nz really is at the point of failing students for... a typo.

it was interesting because one of the judges was saying the university had discretion to say whether changes needed to take 10 weeks or 6 months or whether the thesis was not of a standard where it could be accepted...

and i said... surely they can't fail it because of a typo.

and he said 'of course not'

but it turns out that, in his judgment, of course yes.

'it is not acceptable in it's present state'. which could in fact be because of a typo.

in the us there was this thing about not holding smart studnets back because of something as silly as a typo. about silliness in refusing to allow a student to progress in maths because they got one answer wrong when you made them do hundreds of the same type of problem...

but that's what waikato thinks it should do to prevent and prohibit completion of the highest level of qualification.

i do actually wonder when the last time was that they conferred a graduate research degree.


i wonder if they just stopped conferring them...

prior to covid, even. possibly.

they split up the graduation ceremonies a bit. so that might conceal the fact that there aren't any phd or research thesis graduates.

that it's not a university because there isn't any research.

i don't know.

they won't be happy until the only thing they get is computer generated nonsense spat out of the post-modernist essay generator. and then it can be graded like-minded. the suggested changes, i mean to say. can be spat out of some kind of equivalent. so then they can say 'the changes we asked for were not done. the student didn't seem to understand what we were asking for'.

it's garbage

there's nothing here.


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Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 7:44:09

In reply to Re: d, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 7:38:32

i suppose to conceal that the children do what their parents did. that's the work-force planning.

so, my supervisor got to be paid academic because that's what her parent did.

and so, since my mother was kept by the government for welfare for her entire life... that's my life. that's what nzl offers me.

except the way they see fit to communicate with me is to just stop the payment.

i think they are threatening to unlawfully detain me in conditions of torture, again, if i don't shut up about how i'm not happpy being forced to live the life of my mother because the government is too f*ck*ng stupid to do anything other than micromismanage the workforce planning.

if i vanish suddenly you will know i've been murdered at the hands of the state. likely.

i don't expect anybody to notice. care. do anything about it.

but it's documented here. more ammunition against the nz governmetn. they don't need any help at all. they have it covered. with their 5 portfolios per person or whatever it is that they are doing over there... their whole business plan on workforce development... their warmongering lately hoping to arrange a draft to the ukrane since it's starting to look like it's time to pay a generation of workers...

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