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not processing visas

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 6:37:48

apparently ministers have discretion to approve visas, but aside from that 'exceptional' power they have, i don't think any visas are actually being processed.

i don't know that any new university students are being enrolled at 'university'. not sure how many, exactly, were 'forced to abandon' their qualificiation because the 'university' was never going to confer their degree.

i wonder what is made of how i apparently was able to file high court filings and do a 1/2 day trial but i... don't have the capacity to do a 1 year masters research project in 1 year. not even when i take 2 years and that second year is highly managed by my supervisor. not even then...

i suppose that tells everyone the standard we can expect, now, from the masters degrees from nz universities.

i guess there won't be any.

i don't know what they are going to do about finding and giving them to the chidlren of the wealthy elite. i suppose they don't typically want masters degrees. they want phd's so they can get on with the intergenerational studies where 1/2 their research population must be kept in conditions of deprivation otherwise the integrity of the study will be undermined.

you have to participate. one for the team of 5 million.

just give us your organs already.

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