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runaway inflation

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:44:06

so everyone is trying to liquidate and get the money out and inflation is going through the roof.

soon we will need to take a wheelbarrow of money to buy a melamine contaminiated loaf of bread. etc.

overseas can't take our food exports because of the slavery in the supply chain and the failure to follow international laws. dolphins in the tuna. melamine in the milk powder. child labor in the production of round-up honey.

i suppose australia will be headed the same way...

the choices they make to scale-up the nz business model...

the refusal to grant degrees when and only when the requirements for them have been met.

apparently it isn't that australia screwed france... it is hard to know / hard to say. australia isnt' getting nuclear subs until 2040.

it isn't getting nuclear subs.

why can't australia design it's own nucelear subs?

oh yeah, the children of the elite turned out not to have a great deal of capacity when it came to innovation.


the people with capacity couldn't function there.

they were expected to be second or third class australians. serving the VC his supper

(trusted not to poison him, ironically)


ambulance driver

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:14:00

In reply to runaway inflation, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 4:44:06

you pay the university
you pay the univesrity
you pay the university
you pay the univerity

and maybe they choose to give you a degree or certificate or whatever so that you can 'work' as an ambulance driver (but probably that'd take 2x the standard time and 2x the quoted fees).

the univesrity being a public government university. that probably doesn't pay any taxes.

then you can pay st john
you pay st john
you pay st john
you pay st john
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay
you pay

and they might choose to give you certificates like 'cpr certificate' or whatever certificates you need. st johns being a billion dollar charity. that doesn't pay any taxes.

and then you might get picked (but that might cost you extra) to work as an unpaid volunteer for the charity.

so, how do you afford to doall this?

i duno..
i gues.. you find a person.. and you stick them in the back of your ambulance untnil..

they pay you.


else maybe you arrange someone to pay their unattende dhouse?

or maybe they pay you for you to take them to hospital rather than to a clinic where they'd have to pay teh clinic.

or maybe they pay you so that you take them to the hospital lpromptly. instead of just keeping them in the back of your ambulance.

i guess the st johns operational people probably don't want to be cut out of that 'opportunity' though.

i mean to say you probably don't choose where you drive them or how long you hold them.

i guess the people are supposed to pay st johns for their medic alert bracelet.

not sure how much the peple have to pay the ambulance person diretly in order for them to actually LOOK or ResPOND APPROPRIATELY to the medic alert bracelet...

there have been more than a few cases of people being given things they died of allergy reaction to because the volunteers didn't happen to see...

that's how it works?

that's how it seems to me to be.

that's the business model.

can internatinal community do business with nzl?

i don't htink they can pretend for very very much longer...

there's no hint of 'try' from nz end...

where is mjy degree?


unlawful detention

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:20:23

In reply to ambulance driver, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:14:00

so apparently there are all these people being detained where there hasn't been a trial because... they can't get a psych assessment to see if they are fit to stand trial.

(but of course even if they could get a psych assessment they couldn't get a trial date. but of course even if they could get a trial date they couldn't get a defence lawyer. but of course even if they could get a defence lawyer they couldn't get a booth with a phone to talk to their defence lawyer, but even if they could get a booth with a phone to talk to their defense lawyer...)

nobody can write a psych assessment.

we don't have anybody with literacy in nz.

ncea proclaims it so.

nobody is able to write a psych assessment.

the people at the univesrity can't even hold their crayons!!

nothing to see here, international community...


the business model

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:59:41

In reply to unlawful detention, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:20:23

so they pretend they are offering a certain amount of money as a scholarship or as payment for work or whatever. in order to apply for the money you need to hand over a bunch of your personal information (of course) and write a business proposal or a research plan or whatever.

then they take the proposal or plan you wrote and they work on it without paying anybody the scholarship or payment. they just take it.

like waikato district health board thought they were being all clever offering $5,000 to a masters student to work on a project that had to do with one of their explictly stated objective. i guess the objectives were the ones handed to them by the governmetn.

then they got masters studnets informing them about their projects and how they alligned with the government objectives.

so then the district health board and the university could bully the studnets away and hand their project over to the dhb.

then the dhb could touch it up a bit with their paid researchers on staff and hand that to the government in justifiation for their $90,000+++ salary for doing research within the dhb.

my project on disability and equity in medicine and public health (about the UN rights stuff, and the rights of people with disabiltiy and rights of maaori) was not accepted. because, you know, i don't have the capacity to write a masters research project.

but presently, now, now that i'ts 2022 (rather than 2018) and even if they gave me credit for my work my degree would have, apparently, ,expired, they are setting about having all the government people re-write it.

they are determined that human rights for maaori looks like segregation. human rights for maaori looks like separate services where the separate services are separately funded. like... how howard university is an historicaly black university in the usa. that's the sort of thing that human rihgts for maaori means. it means observational studies of untreated conditions. it means inducing things (rheumatic fever and things like that) and withholding gold standard treatment.

otherwise... maaori can accept whatever crumbs they are thrown in the 'white' or 'current' or 'european' system that is not for them wehre they are not served by it.

those are there options. those are there only options. the nz governmetn is fond of that. the 'there is no alternative' option.

like how national looks pretty good right now because jacinda is not erally regarded a viable option. people will vote national for no other reason than tehre was no alternative. labor can't be in 3 terms. not because of any rule but because they always do go mad with power near the end of the second term.

happened to john key. pulling the hair of the girls in cafes. happened to jacinda with the whole 1pm with bloomfield shortland street update on the state of lock-down.

they reduced demand on the health system by forcing people to stay home. no monday mornign heart attacks. no road injuries.

so the health system needed to start finding new ways to get victims... hostages...

whatever you want to call them.

not persons. that's for sure.


Re: the business model

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 6:03:55

In reply to the business model, posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 5:59:41

it's funny (strange not haha) how it's only my degree that expires.

all the people on payroll, their degrees don't expire.

ashley bloomfield's public health degree didn't expire.

shane reti's degree didn't expire.

and so on.

but not only did my degree expire, but i don't have the capacity to do the level of work that i did before.

rather, i'm not allowed to hold so much as a crayon! i lack tkhe basic pre-conditions for literacy!

i made a typographical error!

there can't be collective ownership because the apostrophe rule!

the leaders in these parts keep the nation really rather retarded.

i think the international community is really getting a handle on that.

no, jacinda, the leaders of japan aren't wishing for the glory days of a return to all the atrocities of wwII. that's only the leaders of new zealand...

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